Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today's Thrifty Treasures

Today's finds are brought to you by the local Goodwill. We've been looking pretty much every week, just in case someone gives away a gorgeous skirt suit that is not in a "teeny" (seems rare). Didn't find anything in that department today-- although there was ONE petite suit, it had the strangest pants- they zipped in the back (?) and definitely gave us a penguin crotch situation. No good.

But, thankfully, we didn't come away empty-handed, as the jacket rack presented us with a decent find (we're always on the lookout for bright blazers with more than one button and not totally-80s-styling, which are often hard to come by!) in one of our favorite colors:

The buttons are silver-toned with a great funky crest pattern. Love the cut-outs at the bottom! Yay. It's polyester (microfiber) which we kind of hate, but eh, for this color we made an exception. It'll go with tons of stuff we already have and add another bright piece to our awfully-black professional wardrobe for $6.49.

Second score:

Polish cobalt-and-clear bowl, clearly never used, only $5. We have a real thing for cobalt glass and have been starting a wee collection. One can never have too many mixing/fruit/decorative bowls, can one?

The last thing we'd like to discuss today is not exactly thrifted, but bears mentioning. Lately we've been trying to keep the nails painted, but it goes from professional to scary pretty quick since we have nearly no patience for waiting for them to dry and certainly not for a topcoat, so they begin to peel pretty quick. Enter, for our waiting-phobic pleasure, Sally Hansen Insta-Dry polish. Seriously, no kidding, we grabbed some remover and a gorgeous orchid purple called Lovely Lilac and headed into the work bathroom, from which we emerged not five minutes later with dry-enough-to-type, perfectly smooth and even nails. Two coats. Less than five minutes (a lot of that time was taking off the stubborn chips of the last attempt). The longevity is yet to be tested, but it's still going strong after a long day on the computer. Highly, highly worth the sort-of-exorbitant-for-nail-polish price of $6-7.


  1. I love that Sally nailpolish! The fast drying is almost like magic.

  2. Sally Hansen stuff is always good in my experience. I like the nail strengthener too - great protection for when mine occasionally get brittle.

  3. i love the blazer! =)

  4. Great jacket. I haven't tried the nail polish because I was skeptical, but now I'll be picking some up.

  5. That bowl need to be MINE NOW!!!! my favorite colors! How can you get something like that for $5???! All the stuff around here is severely marked up- I mean, even in a garage sale it would be more ;)

  6. i dont know about fashion but i like visiting great blogs

    fabulous jacket

  7. Never heard of pants zipping up like that before! Love the color of the jacket :)

  8. Love that glass and cobalt bowl. I also shopped at the GW Boutique today. Got some saucers to put under my house plants. Also a great cookie jar which I plan to use to replace my compost bucket. In this county when you make a donation they give you a 20% off coupon.


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