Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh, Honey, No: The Denim Suit

My unwavering abhorrence of the denim suit (or "denim queen" look) was mentioned not too long ago, but I have since noticed its pervasive evilness encroaching ever closer and I'm afraid someone close to me might be pulled in. The Gap, for instance, has spent millions advertising its new denim shirts, vests and jackets as "perfect" with their new jeans. Please, no! Ack!

I don't really care whether it's two different washes and therefore not a "suit," I believe that denim is best in (and should only be used as) one piece of your outfit only, lest you look like a cowboy/hayseed/farmer (not that there's anything wrong with that if you actually are one). This rule should count for chambray, dark wash, stonewash-- everything denim. Calvin Klein is jumping on the uglywagon in April's InStyle, too, with a pale-blue cropped-vest/ankle-zippper jean combo (and a done-way-better-by-Helena-Christensen-Wicked-Game-style-rolling-around-on-the-beach shoot, yawn), which makes me long for the day when 80s nostalgia is just that: nostalgia, not imitation. Even Cameron Diaz looks less gorgeous than usual to me because I'm all crazy distracted by the unattractiveness of the two denims together:

...Whereas the chick on the right (is that some sort of Kardashian? I don't really pay attention), although I don't necessarily approve of denim shirts, at least improves it with the contrast of black and a lot of skin.

Guess, on the other hand, is doing Spring denim right with a single piece-- a faded vest, fresh because dark denim has been at the top of the wash-chain for a while-- worn with a soft and girly full skirt with lace trim. Gorgeous.

(OK so the bag is a little bit on the gigantor side, as is her hair, but I'm looking at the outfit, not necessarily the styling. Guess is always a little bit over the top; I'll forgive them).

How do you feel about the "denim suiting" look? I just can't abide and I hope I don't have to see it on the streets come spring! Unfortunately, it appears that I will. Sigh.


  1. The denim tuxedo has never been a favorite of mine either. I've occassionally tossed on a denim jacket with jeans out of necessity, but I always feel totally lame doing it, so I do my best to avoid it. lol

  2. Loving your blog- so fun. will be following! :)

  3. I live under a rock. Seriously! This is the first I'm hearing this, but I'm sort of always behind when it comes to these things.

    I say no. No no no no no. A big fat Not So Much.

    But I will take the Gap girl's legs.


  4. I wish I had a photo of my mother's friend's "denim" patchwork leisure suit of the '70s. Pure polyester baby, and worn with what else? A red bandanna print polyester blouse.

  5. Hi! Popped over from Erica's blog ( above ). I've hit on this topic too, and could not agree with you more! I'm so glad I stopped by! xo

  6. Not a fan of the denim suit either, and sometimes I'm guilty of walking out the door with a denim jacket and jeans, and I'll go right back inside and change. :)

  7. I must not be paying attention either! Ack is's like wearing too much leopard print. One piece is enough! I had a pair of the patchwork bell bottoms in the '70's....definitely hip. I live in jeans, have a few denim trench coats and jackets, but never wear them together.
    The monochromatic look is great, but not with denim!


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