Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Obsession with Wool Skirts on Etsy Continues...

We really can't get enough of this topic. Theoretically plaid is hot right now, if you go in for that trend thing, and so is vintage, if you're being green, which we all should be, so it only makes sense to at least look into your options, right? We are seeking out super-thrifty selections on Etsy tonight.

First up, we're kind of staggering at the bargains offered in GittaMarie's shop, including this cutie, $4!

...And this kilt-style (way cuter than our childhood ones) in pastels, from MyVintageCloset, $5!

And this lovely from GrayBirdVintage, $5!:

If you're a red kind of girl, this blended number would do you well, from ThriftyBirdVintage, $8.50:

If you do well with some pleating and a longer length, this color palette is gorgeous (from CloseYourEyesVintage, $12):

..Or maybe you prefer stripes to plaid? Gorgeous hues here too, from kabibiextras, $12:

Love the button detailing in this Gap number, $13, from ButterCupMom:

She also has this gorgeous circle skirt for sale, also $13:

...and this pencil skirt, also $13:

This adorable gingham-type minty green version is only $14 from SweetSugarBoutique:

This one is also only $14, from ThePlaypen, and is tagged Burberry- whether that's "-inspired" or genuine, we're not sure:

Then there's this lovely from QuiteSimply, $17:

Hope that helps you to stay warm this winter! Happy Shopping!

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  1. These are great! You've got me wanting one now. My favorite is that one from GrayBird, but the others are lovely also.


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