Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vintage Wool Skirts on Etsy

Hello dear readers!
Sorry it has been so long between posts... work has been busy and to be honest, we've felt like we don't have much to add to the blogosphere. Until we can focus on better pictures of our own outfits, we feel far too outshined by other bloggers, so... we're back but will be discussing shopping only, with a strong focus on thrifting!

Today we wanted to share our latest scores with you!

As you may recall, warm skirts are a hole in our wardrobe that our general shopping embargo rules do allow. We tire of pants in the winter and wish for more options, but we spend a good bit of time outdoors waiting for buses and such (have we ever mentioned that we've never had a drivers' license?) so we need skirts that will stand up to the frigid Boston weather from December through April...

We strongly recollect (rather traumatically, actually) being terrorized by hand-me-down kilt-style wool skirts as a child, when they were possibly the most obvious faux pas beyond the saddle shoes our mother tried to put us in... but now that we are grown, we recognize that they're not so ridiculous. Awesome, even. Especially the non-pleated, non-wrap variety.

First, from Etsy shop RuLaLa Vintage, we found this very affordable (even for us- $28) genuine Pendleton wool pencil skirt:

Isn't it divine? It's a bit snug on the waistband due to a severe lack of moving our ass lately, but a safety pin and a longer shirt work just fine ;)

We spotted this other vintage lovely in her shop, and what with the great price (also $28), reduced shipping for a second item, and the rainy weekend, we just had to have it (see how we justified like that?) even though we're not supposed to be buying sweaters. Especially pink sweaters.

(But it's soooo cute! And it has lovely metallic threads and that cutout detailing... swoon).

If you are horribly jealous, never fear: she still has this one available ($32)!

...And if you are also craving a cute skirt to get you through the colder months, here's another precious little thing ($26):

The package came swiftly, with delightful wrapping and a hand-written thank-you note as well as a copy of the (very generous) return policy-- quite unusual on Etsy, really, as most sellers say "as is, no returns." A fantastic seller-- check her out!

Tomorrow we'll share our latest Goodwill scores! (more wool skirt!)

Happy thrifting :D


  1. I adore a wool skirt, especially a plaid one and feel that you simply cannot have enough. Looking forward to your Goodwill hunting.
    No drivers' license? How do you rush off in a huff from a boy? (not that I do that often...)
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. haha, good question, marie... last i did that, i stormed off to a park nearby and swung on the swings with my mp3 for a while. then i came back again. we don't fight much and it's almost 5 years now so cross your fingers for me ;)


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