Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thrifty at Home: Selling Your Extra Stuff

We set up, at another blogger's encouragement, an used bookselling account. Now our addiction to new discount books and used home reference reading can at least pretend to help pay for itself!

We have no idea if anyone will actually want, find, or buy our books, but it's free to list, so why not give it a shot??

Check out our storefront! (Still under construction):

Dez's Discount Books

(Anything that says not currently available is just brand-new- it'll be up within 45 mins)

We basically just want to de-clutter before we move in the Spring, and to share the love of literature (and, uh, distracting trash now and again) with others, so most titles-- unless rare or old-- are selling for pennies, essentially, (Amazon's commission is taken at the time of sale). The mandatory $3.99 shipping cost stinks but still, buying used is environmentally friendly and also cheaper even with shipping cost figured in (can you believe they're charging $30 for hardcovers these days?). We hope your loved ones wouldn't turn their nose up at something pre-owned. If they do, bop them over the head with it and ask if they know what planet they're on.

Happy book-browsing!


  1. Wow, you have an amazing book collection! I got rid of loads of books when we moved from England to the US, and since then I've tried to use mainly library books. But I can't resist a browse at your store...

  2. I do this, too! It's a great way to make extra cash.


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