Friday, December 11, 2009

Trends We Love: Lace Pencil Skirts

This month's Lucky Magazine presented an Arden B. lace pencil skirt that's absolutely gorgeous, yes, but as we recall was also very expensive (and is no longer available, anyhow). Here it is:

We absolutely adore lace in any form, and this silhouette is just awesome. But... since you couldn't have this one even if your wallet said yes, let's turn to Etsy!

$17 at Happy'sVintageCloset, marked size 12P/31" waist
(we might snap this one up, yowza!)

$24 at RetroRenegadeVintage, size small/24" waist

$7.95 at Nuttinover20Vintage, size small/28" waist
(what a price! Major sale in this shop, too...)

$20 at LotusVintageNY, XS/S/26" waist (we die at the hotness)

$24 at ModPod (with matching jacket!) xs/26" waist

$16 at RedoRedux, M/L/30" waist

For the bold, $25 at Yesterdazed, Med/29" waist
(We think this could be very modern if styled a bit differently)

While we are really big on vintage for the obvious reasons of thriftiness and environmental soundness, we did come across a bunch of other inexpensive new options via this site, which we'd never heard of! You can search for anything and sort by price, relevance, etc., and so many options come up... We even found our own Etsy picks here! We're a little bit confused because the prices shown are lower than those when you actually click on the items... something to do with coupons, it appears.

$19.99, BisouBisou at JC Penney

$30.80, NYC Collection at Macy's

$24.99, INC International Concepts at Macy's

$17.99-$24.99, Worthington at JC Penney

$29.99, Newport News

Do you love or hate this trend? Hope you enjoy these picks if you do like it :D

Happy Shopping!


  1. I need more lace in my life! These are great options!


  2. LOOOOOOVE. I'm going to look for one right now.

  3. Funny, I was just admiring a skirt like this on a coworker today.
    I did own one skirt with lace overlay, but it went kinda droopy. I suppose after 6 years in the closet, that's to be expected. Another time, I would probably lay it flat, not hang it...

  4. i love lace, i have a few lace blouses, but no lace skirt :( never seen on in stores actually :( have to keep an eye out!!

  5. lace pencil skirts are so pretty! i especially like vintage feel they have.

  6. Thanks so much for featuring our skirt! We have an ongoing affair with lace too!
    LOVE your pics!
    Lotus Vintage NY


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