Sunday, January 24, 2010

What We Bought: AmiClubWear

We have been singularly obsessed with finding a pair of grey boots lately, with no luck whatsoever in the shops. Lots and lots of tan (ew) and plenty of black (which we would usually love-- we used to think that there was no point in grey when black existed!)... but no grey.

Remembering that AmiClubWear, featured a few times in Lucky mag, has a great selection of super-cheap boots (mostly incredibly slutty, which is somewhat disturbing given that the site's tag line is "The Positive Place for Girls!"), we headed over to check out their clearance selection. And indeed, we found just what we were looking for! Amid the towering platform clubbing options were these two pairs of high-shaft flat boots, $10 each (click pics for listings):

We went with the suede. We were digging the kind of pirate thing going on with the cuffs. At $10 we doubt that these will be frequently worn or last particularly long, but boot season will be over before we know it, anyway, and we're sure we'll get some good use out of them before then. Certainly ten bucks' worth!

We also stocked up on more tights-- they carry a terrific selection of colored, printed and fishnet stockings, most from Leg Avenue, and many at super-clearance prices. We picked up bright nylon tights in kelly green and fuchsia for $2.99! (Available in eleven colors!!)

We disagree with whoever said that the printed stocking trend makes people look like they have "some sort of skin rash." We love it. So we grabbed these unusual flower-printed ones for $4.99:

Who knows if they'll work or just look bizarre, but we kind of love them.

They have a terrific selection of fairly-inexpensive lingerie, just as cute and trashy as Frederick's for about a quarter of the price. We picked up a cute little punk bra-and-mini set for $12.99:

As you may well know if you've been reading (or if you know us!), we were bitten hard by the floral/feather hair-accessory bug. We've been making our own after picking some up on clearance at Claire's and some on Etsy, but the selection and prices at AmiClubWear are pretty incredible. We scored this lovely grey feather version for just $10.99:

They have so many colors & sizes; floral and fascinators and feathers... 120 gorgeous options all under $25!

The last item we have been fixated upon finding for ages-- powdered facial blotting papers. We have combination skin which is dry in the morning and shiny in the evening-- adding pressed powder to try to combat the shine just exacerbates the dryness and makes us look flaky. Uncool. We had previously tried the blue plastic Clean & Clear version-- which does work but not quite as well as the powdered rice paper-- but the Burt's Bees Wings of Love that we once found and loved have proven nearly impossible to find. We located a great version on Amazon the other day for only $2.99, but they wanted $5 shipping for EACH ONE! No way. AmiClubWear to the rescue! NYX 50-packs of genuine paper pulp blotters are $2.99:

The best part about this order was that they are offering free shipping right now if you spend $50. Shipping would have been $29.95 or something ridiculous (watch out for that) but with the code given on the front page (AMISHIPPED) entered at checkout, UPS ground was FREE!

We are well aware that we shouldn't be shopping at all, but $10 shoes and staples like tights are things we feel we can sneak in without too much damage. And surely no boyfriend would complain about the punk schoolgirl outfit?

Have you ever bought anything from AmiClubWear? If so, tell us about it... we suspect the quality isn't terrific, but the prices belie that...

Happy shopping and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. The "Royal We" isn't fun - its annoying. I've tried to keep reading your blog, but the We is just confusing and doesn't make sense.

  2. sorry you feel that way! there are tons and tons of awesome fashion blogs out there writing in all different styles-- enjoy them (check out the sidebar)!

  3. No I have not purchased anything there but I think colorful tights are on my list. : )

  4. I love those black floral tights! I have been looking for a pair of uniquely patterned ones. They are great!

  5. Great deal on the boots - they look so comfy, too.
    Oh, and the 'We' is fine by me :)

  6. I've not heard of that company before, but I'm totally checking it out. Also, I'm wearing my grey "suede" boots right now and they look almost identical to yours.

  7. NOTE: i just got a shipment notification, a full 4 business days after purchase. so free shipping is evidently also slow shipping. sigh.

  8. I bought 2 pairs of boots from AMI this past fall (1 was very similar to the grey pair you posted). Quality is cheap, but you get what you pay for, but they were just what I wanted. I HATE their website though, so hard to know if they have your size, but well worth it.


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