Thursday, January 28, 2010

Work Wear This Week

We had a bit of Polyvore fun with recreating our work outfits this week. They say "dress for the job you want, not the job you have," and that advice has hit home recently since we have been trying for a job title change to something involving "manager." We want to cover up and look more professional than we usually have in the past, while at the same time still enjoying putting outfits and colors together...

Silk blouse, Victoria's Secret, Jan 2010, $35 (now on sale for $33.99!)
Tiered ruffly skirt, TJ Maxx, 2007(?), $15
Lace tights, unknown, about $5
Black pointy leather boots, Off Broadway, Summer 2009, $30
Black ruffly cardigan, H&M via Goodwill, $4.49

Work Wear- Wednesday
Work Wear- Wednesday by ThriftyStylist featuring Petite Collection sweaters

Teal-green featherweight sweater, H&M via Raspberry Beret, Summer 2009, $17
Plaid pleated skirt, Free People via Goodwill, December 2009 $4.99
Teal tights, Vera Wang at Kohl's, January 2010, $9 (do not recommend- not opaque, ran immediately)
Same black boots as above, $30
Turquoise rose/feather hair clip, Summer 2009, SweetXcessories (Etsy), $7
Earrings - similar style by me (DesireeDesigns)

Grey blazer, Calvin Klein (interview emergency Spring 2009), $49.99
Pink wool straight skirt, J.G. Hook via Goodwill, November 2009, $4.99
Grey tights, drugstore or Payless (?), about $5
Magenta ribbed crewneck sweater, Victoria's Secret, Winter 2008, $14.99
Peeptoe slingbacks, Hot Kiss via Famous Footwear, summer 2008, $15
Earrings and necklace featuring vintage jet glass by me

Clearly, we still gravitate toward a matchy-matchy aesthetic, and, with very few patterns in our wardrobe, tend to colorblock one solid with lots of black if we're not matching. Not so fashion-forward, evidently... but we still really love each of these outfits! We'll keep trying to be more adventurous in our remixing and in purchasing printed garments!
How do you reconcile your personal style with needing to look professional? Any tips and tricks?
Happy outfit-planning!


  1. I love the pops of color in these outfits! Professional, yet super fun!

  2. I really love the third one with the plaid skirt. I would wear the skirt all high-waisted with the sweater tucked in and the jacket open.

  3. Theres some pieces here that I really like, I love all the tights

  4. I love that quote: "dress for the job you want, not the job you have"! <3

  5. These are great outfits! I ADORE the plaid, high-waisted pencil skirt!

    Just keep playing with different combinations, style just naturally evolves.


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