Thursday, September 3, 2009

Giveaway Alert: Fabulous Handmade Skirt

Quick! Get thee over to PrettyLittlePictures, where Jennifer Lauren is having a giveaway of one of her gorgeous handmade skirts from her newly opened Etsy shop, JenniferLauren (please give her a heart when you check out her shop!).

Not just an existing skirt, but a custom skirt. Made for you. Exactly how you want it. Yes, please, we say. And we're telling you all about it because we love you, even though it will doubtless minimize our own chances of ever possibly having a JenniferLauren belong to us!

Here is just one example of her adorable modeling and highly impressive seamstressness (we're coining the word):

Turquoise! Full circle! Pockets! Oh My!

The giveaway ends next Friday (9/11) so enter soon! All you need to do to for a chance is leave a comment on the blog post about why you should be the winner. Or if you really wanted to you could enter for us, instead, because we so deserve to have such a pretty thing but it's out of our price range. Hee hee.

Happy freebie-winning (or attempting, anyway) and happy Etsy shopping!


  1. I think I deserve to win because those skirts are just so fabulous and I am fashion-challenged, so I could use the help.

  2. oops, let me clarify- to enter to win, post a comment on PrettyLittlePictures, not here! although you're welcome to post here, too! i love your comments!


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