Friday, September 4, 2009

InStyle's Key Pieces for Fall: Bright Trench Coat

Today we're looking for bright trenches that aren't astronomically expensive, like the Versace and other high-end designer coats in InStyle's fall "five key pieces" feature. A stunning, saturated coat is a wonderful alternative to the staid and traditional beige or black- and we don't advocate staying away from color completely underneath as InStyle does; have a little fun! Why not?

We're willing to extend our $30 price limit a bit for certain key pieces like a great coat or pair of boots... possibly even up to $100, but all of these pieces are half of that, or less!

Our Polyvore set includes both brights and an incredible zebra option (animal print is classically awesome no matter the season or style, but it is hot right now), $29-$50 (click the pic for links to purchase):

These are from some unexpected sources (Nine West at Wilson's leather? Home Shopping Network? Patagonia?) but they're all lovely and quite affordable.

If you prefer to score something that no one else will have, try a vintage piece from Etsy. All of these stunners are under $50 as well: thrifty and environmentally conscious (bottom right, orange, is only $8!!

(Since the Etsy mini won't publish, go to our public favorites for individual listings!)

Are you going to buy a new trench for fall? Would you consider vintage? What colors do you like best? (We're dying over the purple one, of course!)

Happy Friday and happy shopping!


  1. Mmmm - I already have a red raincoat (which is almost a trench!) but I really like the pink ones you found.

    Also general blog comment, I love the use you make of listings like Polyvore and the Etsy public favorites - very streamlined way to direct us to the sources.

  2. Like the commenter above me, I also have a red raincoat! It's kind of trench-y, in that it has the buttons and the collar. I don't remember how much it was, but it was super on sale at Macy's a while ago.

  3. I bought a red trench about a month ago which I had plans for wearing for spring.. but it's been so warm here (Australia) lately I might just end up saving it for Fall. I LOVE purple as a colour, but not sure I'd have it as a trench. I would definitely love a kelly green one though.

  4. Umm I'd def would love one for this fall, but I guess the weather here on the island won't be cooperating, it's been reaching a 100 degrees lately, so we are stuck with a pretty warm fall this year. But I def want a vintage trench.


  5. I have a green trenchcoat that I haven't been brave enough to wear yet (though I plan too this fall) and I have a pink winter coat that's alot like a it's always good to know I'm right in the middle of the coming trend, though I'm sure I'll be wearing them waaaay past the end of the trend...

  6. I was *just* thinking that I'm so bored with my navy blue and black winter wool coats and how I wanted to find something bright and fun to wear. I would definitely go for something red, but I'd consider maybe a lime green as well.

  7. OMG! I think my closets are going to explode soon! I have a very hard time getting rid of stuff that I like so much.

  8. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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