Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Purple Handbags - All the Rage for Fall

We already own a gorgeous handmade, upcycled vintage leather purple handbag, which we've discussed a few times before! But that doesn't mean we're not thrilled about the preponderance of such for fall.

Inspired by SavvyMode, who found some beautiful-- but PRICEY!-- options for one of her readers in this post, we scoured the interwebs for options that are on-trend but won't make you (as we did) fall off your chair when you see the price!

Via Polyvore, brand-new versions from stores you probably already knew of (some on sale, some just cheap by nature)- click the pic for the Polyvore set with links to purchase:

Purple Handbags for Fall Under $50
Purple Handbags for Fall Under $50 by ThriftyStylist featuring Old Navy bags

And, from Etsy, options from the Vintage and Handmade categories (click here to go to our public favorites to get to the individual listings):

Do you have a purple bag? Are you looking for one? (Or another one??)
What is your cap for purse spending? Ours is $100. And that was the one time, only, and only because it was handmade of vintage leather (so sweet!).


  1. Ooh! Ooh! Oooohhh!! Can you hear me making high-pitched and vaguely inappropriate noises, all the way from the west to the east coast?

    I think I'm going to have 'purple is the new black' on my gravestone.

    These are lovely; yes, I do have a purple bag (which I try not to use on the days I'm wearing my purple coat!) and I love that this color is popular once again. Isn't Etsy fabulous!!

  2. wow all really snazzy bags. What a great post, I had so much fun with your post. : )

  3. Cool choices... for me, if it's just a fun bag, i would spend less than $100 but i am willing to spend a lot for real investment bags.

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  5. Love purple bags!!!, I use to own 58 bags (including beach, laptop, day, night, etc.) and it was rare it was under $100. The minute fake handbags starting coming into the market, I just stopped buying handbags. 24 of my bags (All Coach) went to my mother, I was so afraid people thought I bought fake ones and since my mother doesn't know the difference between a payless bag or a LV, she was just happy to get them. I gave each sister 2 handbags and my nieces 1 each. So now I'm down to my core bags with brands people don't recognize as much.

    I don't even take pictures of them because for some reason I just stopped getting 'into' bags.

  6. I got a magenta patent bag last summer, and my grandma gave me a fabulous purple/eggplant bag for Xmas this year. I put it away for the summer since it has suede on it and is definately more of a Fall bag, but I'm bringing it back out this week! Purple goes with waaayyyy more than you would ever think.

  7. haha, honeybunches-- that's too funny. if someone asks where i got my bag or another article of clothing, i REVEL in telling them how cheap it was :P

    so, guys, i bought ANOTHER purple handbag last night. i was at Off Broadway Shoes with a friend and there it was, in all of its dusky purple faux-suede gigantic glory. on clearance for $29.90. i do love. pictures coming soon (also scored a pair of spanish leather boots originally marked $255 for $30!)

  8. My bag collection is not nearly as large as my shoe collection... yet and yes, I do have 1 purple bag.

  9. i have a really gorgeous purple handbag that i got from New York & Co a few years ago. i rarely use it because i'm concerned i'll ruin it! i should take a pic and show you soon!!

  10. I tend to get purses as gifts from my mom, so I'm not always sure what she spends, but when I do it, it's usually under $50.

    I have purple shoes, but no purple bag. :-(


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