Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shopping in Your Own Closet!

The change of seasons is upon us! With the passing of the equinox, it is time to start thinking about Hallowe'en, unbelievably enough! (We didn't really get a summer here in New England).

Whether you're in the Northern Hemisphere and experiencing shorter days and crisper temperatures, or just warming up to Spring Down Under, you'll probably have to do some seasonal shifting of your wardrobe (unless you're in a clime where you can wear the same breezy items year-round, or have gigantor closets. Unfortunately for us, we are in neither position).

We have a storage unit in the basement, which we pack up twice a year with garment bags and Rubbermaid containers filled with off-season clothes and bedding and then haul up and down the stairs. (We group them into Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter so as to spare ourselves doing this four times in a year!)

For those of you with small closets and no supplemental basement or attic space, some lovely storage options we've seen recently include stacks of vintage suitcases (with the top one used as a side or bedside table), vintage steamer trunks, and of course underbed boxes (buy risers if your frame is low to the ground, and hide them with a lovely bed skirt! Check out these great options from Jeri's organization blog!) Or, make use of high ceilings and construct shelving all the way up (and get yourself a proper stepladder while you're at it).

One of the most exciting things (for us anyway) about this grueling process is discovering pieces we had completely forgotten we owned. This past weekend we found, tucked away in a bin at some unknown time, a lovely vintage cropped lavender motorcycle jacket. When did we buy this? At what thrift shop did we find it? It must have been last winter, because we have definitely never worn it.

Quelle cuteness, no?? We think it's 80s... it is "authentic style" brand. Isn't the iris color just divine? OK, maybe only if you're obsessed with purple. We don't normally go in for pastels, but this we couldn't pass up (evidently). Who could have known that cropped motocross and other wee leather jackets would be so "in" this season, too? (Not that we care about being "in"... we'll wear whatever we like and trends can shove it, we're just happy when things we like are widely available!)

We heard a fancy leather-cleaning remedy the other day which we'd like to share, also. And by fancy we mean totally thrifty and natural and easy: egg white. Apparently raw egg white on a soft cloth will take leather stains out. We will be trying this immediately.

Other things we're excited about for fall in Boston: all of the colored tights we bought over the summer, and the black boots we got on clearance, together of course! Corduroy! Velvet! Cashmere... aaaaahhhh... (don't forget to check your Goodwill or Savers for cashmere sweaters we got both our baby pink and our deep purple ones at thrift shops!)

Have you found anything fabulous in your seasonal shift that you had forgotten about? What makes you happiest about the change in your part of the world?

Happy shopping-in-your-own-closet!


  1. Funny you should mention this. I just ordered my boots today that I've been drooling over all summer for fall and winter and I suppose I'll be shifting my closet around pretty soon as well. I generally find something in there that I have forgotten that I have so it always kinda feels like Christmas. :)

  2. Totally fun to pull out things you've squirreled away and forgotten about! Love your iris colored jacket and can't wait to see you in tights!

  3. Funny, I was just thinking about shifting my wardrobe as I drove to work this morning. Good timing!

  4. Ooooolala! That jacket is the hottness.

    We don't experience significant weather shifts down here in this part of Texas. It will get chilly, and sometimes cold, but compared to other areas of the nation, we've got it easy methinks. Rumor has it, however, that our "winter" will be cooler and wetter this year! Makes me wanna run out and buy a snuggie.

  5. That jacket is amazing. Great find!

  6. i don't shift things. i tend to wear the same things in winter as i do in summer. same shirts, just with a long sleeve shirt underneath. and i wear tank tops under sweaters and whatnot.

    one exception is my sweaters though. they don't get moved, but my sweater drawers just don't really get opened in the summer. and i did recently start digging around in them again and found a couple sweaters i totally forgot i acquired last year. that is fun!


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