Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall Footwear Trends We Love: Jeweled Flats

We're excited that jeweled flats are one of the hot shoes for fall, chiefly because we already own some-- purple satin, Rampage brand, with purple faceted crystals (sadly, shopping for new items is not an option for us right at the moment!)

We found some cute cheap versions on the interwebs, so here's a Polyvore set for your clicking pleasure:

Jeweled Flats
Jeweled Flats by ThriftyStylist featuring Presence flats

Studs are definitely the embellishment of the moment, so if you prefer metal to glittery sequin-y sparkles, you're in luck!

To be honest, we're not really sure what we're going to pair these with. We tend to shy away from flats, being hella short, and we also concede that ballet flats and skinny jeans are the best combination, yet refuse to try to squeeze our Spanish hips into tapered pants... so... we seek suggestions from our readership! They will probably look cute with knee-length skirts and opaque or modestly patterned tights, we think (perhaps a loud print or lace pattern would compete too much with the embellishment), but we're not sure how to branch out of matching with a purple top... Of course, opposites are always perfect, so a yellow top like this gorgeous Anne Klein chiffon version (on sale for $29.70!) would be divine, except that we don't wear yellow. Maybe we should start.

Here's to your thoughts and new experiments!

Happy comfortable walking ;)


  1. They are all so cute! I'm a shortie too, but they all look so comfy!

  2. I decided a long time ago to accept my height limitations and wear flats anyway. I never really got the hang of walking in heels because I just don't really bother with it. I guess I should work on that.


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