Monday, May 10, 2010

Adhering Badly to the No-Shopping Statute

I am supposed to be saving to remodel my condo and throw a fun wedding reception. So why can I not I keep myself out of the stores!? Mother's Day was spent at the mall, because the winds were too high and dangerous for the original plan of a lovely walk in the historic, amazingly-landscaped Mt. Auburn Cemetery (tree limbs crashing down on my head are not my idea of a relaxing afternoon). I did spend far more than I should have but a) my tax return just came and b) I am practicing the one-in, two-or-three-out rule and paring my wardrobe down to a smaller number of items I adore rather than many that are just OK. A rundown of my spree (pardon the cell phone pics):

EXPRESS: (This is one store where I head straight for the clearance rack and pause only to fondle the expensive loveliness on the regular displays). In place of two black skirts that were never quite perfectly flattering (one from Raspberry Beret, one unknown), I purchased a sleek, structured pencil skirt in a soft, stretchy light black denim fabric, half off, for $29.99. I also snagged a cute watercolor-print cardigan there for $19.99.

(With previously owned light blue cami)

OLD NAVY: I suppose I didn't need another pair of jeans, but most of the ones that currently fit me are of too light a wash in which to leave the house (I'd rather not talk about the stacks of Rubbermaid containers with sizes 8, 10, etc. inside which taunt me from my basement storage). So, being sadly unable to find my length on the sale rack, sprang for the full-cost "Sweetheart" cut jeans in a nice dark wash for $29.50. They'll work with anything, obviously, but I'm a big fan of how they look with the new sweater (more on the shoes shortly!):

I also snagged a cobalt blue henley tee because I somehow have, like, no blue clothes. What?! I love blue! How did this happen?! Oh, right, I was busy being drawn to purple, pink and turquoise... Here are the jeans with it, and my new flower clip from Etsy, and my Rampage jeweled ballet flats (a year or two old).

FAMOUS FOOTWEAR: My 20% off rewards coupon came in the mail recently, so I scurried to the clearance section and scored these incredible Madden Girl platform peep-toes for about $16 (also pictured above):

I can now give away all of my other purple pumps, and die happy.

...and it's espadrille season again so I also bought some cushy Naturalizer wedge ones in a pretty metallic-and-bright stripe pattern with a bow, $27. They go quite nicely with that blue henley and a floaty crepe skirt I found at Goodwill a while back:

MARSHALLS: Just one minor purchase here- a $15 leopard pencil skirt in stretch twill:

(with previously owned black short-sleeved sweater)

Leopard is hot again for fall, according to the powers that be (I've seen mentions of mixed leopard, too- as in two or more mismatched pieces?). It's bombshell, it's punk rock, and it's classic all at the same time, and never really goes "out" per se (I certainly wouldn't buy it just because it's "in"). Some people don't think of animal print as a neutral, but it can be; paired with just about any color, it works, unlike most patterns. Witness:

(with aubergine silk button-down by Dana Buchman, Goodwill Fall '09)

(with hot pink sateen Talbots blazer, Goodwill Winter '10)

(with teal silk ruffle-front Victoria's Secret blouse, Winter '10)

(Oh, and those cute little flats are canvas, American Eagle from Payless, $12.99 last week)

I definitely have a shopping problem. But I'm trying to tame it and only buy things I adore and those that fill holes in my wardrobe while getting rid of plenty of the old stuff that doesn't follow those rules-- the duplicates, the too-revealing-for-work, and the just-not-flattering are gone! Have you endeavored to make any changes in your closet recently?

Happy outfit-planning!


  1. Oh that leopard skirt is TO DIE FOR! Great choices.

    I have recently curbed my shopping addiction by only purchasing actual "bonified" vintage designer from eBay or etsy. What qualifies as bonified is entirely up to me, but recent purchases have included Betsey Johnson (punk label and Alley Cat only), Yves Saint Laurent, Issey Miyake and Karl Lagerfeld. Lest you pass out from sticker shock, I have yet to pay more than $50 for any one piece. However those are hard to find - so I'm doing really well not buying too much!

  2. Girl, I am having MAJOR shopping envy right now. I am trying to force myself NOT to buy a pair of shoes for $40 (plus shipping) at Modcloth, but they are haunting my dreams and occupying my thoughts all day. Arrgh! What to do?!?!?!

  3. allison, i have a friend who gets all kinds of steals on ebay and i have to admit that i've never ventured that route... too scared, i guess, of the process? sounds like a bunch of awesome scores though!

    renee, will you wear them often? think of cost per wear... would they replace something else perhaps? could be justifiable...

  4. WT - thanks for your sweet comments (as always!) on my blog.

    FYI - I've been trying to stay away from shopping as well... it's so hard isn't it?!?!? Well, if it's any consolation - your recent purchases are FABULOUS!!! Love every item!

  5. Wow, those shoes...and your new pretty cardigan! You are a shopping ninja!

  6. Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do when it comes to clothing and shoes. You did awesome.

    The leopard print is totally a neutral in any wardrobe. I love how you styled it with your aubergine top and the new shoes. As Londyn said, fabulous!!

  7. the wise and powerful word 'THRIFTY' lured me to this blog. you know how to shop and not sacrificing great taste! blog full of rich ideas...will be a follower in a second! verbena cottage

  8. Those tax returns can be dangerous! You found some good deals, though. I really like the print cardi in the first couple of pics. :)

  9. wow, you've certainly gotten some good deals. anything that translates to more than one season is worth it in my book!

  10. Ooh, I love that leopard skirt. Who cares if it's "in"? It's never out!

  11. Love a pencil skirt myself, and I really like your leopard find with your black sweater. Excellent price, too!

  12. I LOVE your style! I work for Naturalizer and those shoes you chose are fabulous! The way you mix up your outfits with the same select pieces is really unique and inspiring. :)


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