Saturday, May 8, 2010

Favorite Splurge: Victoria's Secret

Once in a great while, I do like to see what the Vicky's online clearance has for me. Occasionally I'll score a terrific skirt for about $30 or sweaters and tops for less than $20, which is excellent. I seldom step outside the maximum $30 range, but I do make exceptions for things like really high-quality boots or gorgeous dresses. Witness (and feel free to imitate, should you love) my latest mini-spree:

They have 14-hole Docs for $100! In patent- pewter or black. I chose the black even though the pewter is fabulous... for nostalgia's sake, perhaps; my ex-husband and then-fiance ruined mine on purpose when I was 17 because he hated them. They had taken me up and down the country and through some of the most interesting years of my life, so I was rather more than irked. This did not bode well for the rest of the relationship, either. Anyway, I digress! Next up:

One of those crazy convertible dresses that you're supposed to be able to style in a zillion different ways... in my favorite shade of aubergine. Asymmetrical hem, jersey material, sashes you can make into a halter, cap sleeves, straps, etc.; it's sort of like buying a whole bunch of dresses, right? So I figured that sort of justified the exorbitant-for-me price of $50. Especially down from $108! It comes with styling tips-- I just hope I can master them.

I've been coveting a cobalt ruffly top for months (how is it that I managed to leave out one of my very favorite colors from my wardrobe until now?) and hope this little tank (also in lots of other colors) fits the bill until I can find a satin one or something dressier.

I also snagged a yoga bodysuit (? Yeah we'll see- it was cheap and purple so why not) and some clearance mini-bottles of my favorite new scent (which goes against all of my principles about natural cosmetics with no parabens but ack, I love it so... "nectarine, amber and cattelaya orchid..." oh my. I forced my man to buy me the large bottle for V-day but the minis are too adorable and great for the purse (they stay closed). Let's hope his sweetness doesn't read this because I'm supposed to be saving every penny toward the house remodel and a few for the eventual wedding. Sometimes a girl needs things though, you know? Especially when the tax refund has just come.

If you didn't know Vicky's was about far more than lingerie, you're missing out. A good half of my wardrobe comes from them. Great jeans, adorable tops and so much more... get thee to the clearance section! If you're already on board, what have been some of your favorite finds?

Happy shopping :)


  1. That dress is fabulous. I love a good jersey dress- it's my secret choice when I want to wear sweatpants, but it's not socially appropriate.

  2. Great finds at VS Love the dress and love aubergine!

    Art by Karena

  3. That dress is amazing, great find!

  4. I'm not sure I've ever bought anything at V's Secret, not even undies. Sad really.
    I love the convertible dress but can totally see me in one of the little ruffly tops you found. Love the blue color too!


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