Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flowers in her hair - Floral clips for any budget

I've been completely enamored of flowers in the hair since... well, probably since the first time I saw Niecy Nash on Clean House many years ago. STOP THE FOOLISHNESS AND MAYHEM! She's just gorgeous and amazing and I frankly don't give a damn if they're too popular now or too "young"-- I think she sparked a fantastic trend. The look is sort of forties-pinup or sexy Spanish mamacita; I believe just about anyone can pull it off with almost as much panache!

Some of the most beautiful clips available are also astronomically priced, especially the larger handmade gorgeousness on Etsy. Thankfully there are still some stunning examples on the lower-end range. Check out my Treasury East of the best options from under $1 to $16:

There are hundreds of hair flower sellers, of course, at all different price ranges and levels of embellishment. I like variety, so I've purchased a good number of affordable, everyday accessories. I do, of course, like to daydream about owning some of my absolute favorites (if money were no issue; these are all $30+):

Mandizzle is featured frequently in treasuries and the front page-- due equally, I am sure, to her beautiful creations and... er... rather pleasing visage:

I just want to eat her right up. Yes, please.

EverydayFairytale designs by Gwen Paja are covet-worthy, from her jewelry and gorgeous ruffle-embellished tops to classic bridal hair accessories, which she models her gorgeous self, too:

WhichGoose carries clips, crowns, tiaras, combs and just about anything else a nontraditional bride could ever want. I particularly love the vine crowns and the ethereal photography:

I can't wait to see some new items from Perch52's shop (she assures me more are coming soon!) because this incredible velvet rose comb sold, rather tragically not to me, and I haven't seen anything else quite like it

Have you embraced this trend or are you over it? If you love it, do you stay inexpensive/ mass-produced with CVS and Old Navy cheapies, or have you bought handmade? Have you tried making your own? I've been experimenting a bit with combining different colors of silk flowers with complementary beads and feathers-- it's so much fun and fabulous for someone like me who loves matchy-matchy!

Some other good online resources are (great selection but very much mass-produced, it seems) and amiclubwear. I get compliments on the grey feather fascinator I ordered from them every single time I wear it, and it was about $11.

Happy hair accessory shopping!


  1. I am a huge lover of flower clips, but I also like to clip them on my clothing- on my lapel, on my waist, on the neckline of my top or dress- I wear them ALL the time. There are so many on Etsy that I covet. I also make my own sometimes. Great post. :)

  2. If you're at all concerned about this trend not being "hot" enough for you still, witness the cover of instyle's new hair issue!

  3. Love them clipped on clothes and necklaces too! Gorgeous clips...all of them!

  4. This is an amazing look!

    As a florist, I've made many different types of adornments from wonderful(weddings and proms)to tacky(stagettes) all by request. I'm kicking myself for not taking photos.

    I'm all for the pinup look though feathers and pearls are on my covet list too!


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