Friday, May 28, 2010

The Look for Less: Prada Espadrilles (Reader Inquiry)

A lovely reader linked me to these gorgeous espadrilles which she covets but can only dream of due to their (yowza) $650 price tag! o_O

I agree that they're quite delicious, especially the soft suede ruching... yummy! I didn't find a direct knock-off but I have definitely located a few different looks with similar styling.

Nine West's version is sans ankle strap, but it's the best approximation of the ruching in a wedge. Unfortunately it's only on pre-order right now and won't ship until July. If you're into instant gratification like I am, this will not do.

The Prada version shown is actually a dark pink even though it appears grey. Who knew, but they call it Dark Rose. Here's a fabulous pink wedge with ridiculously cute detailing:

I just love that shabby chic flower!

Boston Proper has a reminiscent version in a stiletto instead of an espadrille, currently on super clearance! How can you resist a sale sticker of more than 70% off?? (Sadly, only sizes 6 and 10 left):

I have to include this next pair because while they're neither ruched suede nor greyish pink, I love the color, and what a price (58% off)! They are ankle-strap espadrilles with interesting toe detailing. Related at the very least:

My favorite swap, while not precisely similar, is this wedge from AmiClubWear because they are TEN BUCKS! Woohoo!

How do you like these swaps? Would you ever pay $650 for a pair of shoes?!


  1. For $650 a pair of shoes would have to not only look fierce, be impossibly flattering as well as impossibly comfortable but they also need to cook dinner and clean the house at least 3 times a week.

  2. I've been looking at a similar pair at Nordstrom called Tazer by Franco Sarto in the stone distressed leather. They aren't ruched nor are they espadrilles, but for me it's close enough to the Prada.

    $650 is a little much when it comes to shoes. I do understand and appreciate good design, (I always fall in love with the most expensive item without seeing tags) but I must be realistic about what is an acceptable amount to spend on one pair of shoes. My wedding dress didn't even cost that much!

  3. I really like the Nine West version, and knowing the speed I move, July will be just fine.
    $650? Well, if I knew they'd last forever and be 100% comfortable, then maybe. But since those 2 attributes have never occurred in my life yet, then, no, I'll stick to the $65ish range, thanks.

  4. I like espadrille wedges. They look so chunky and delicious somehow.
    I could pay 650 for a pair of shoes, winter boots perhaps, but not for a pair of espadrilles-like sandals... I think the ten dollar shoes were almost nicer :D

  5. That last grey pair is awesome + I love the price...


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