Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Affordable and Adorable Summer Dresses

I mentioned last post that I can't stand the trends for summer and I'll be sticking to cute dresses, thank you. Here are some of my favorite affordable options!

Click the picture for the Polyvore set with bigger pictures and links to purchase. Most of these are on super clearance, so act fast! They are from Asos, Body Central, AmiClubWear, Charlotte Russe and Alloy-- all great sources for super-cheap cuteness!

Best Dresses Under $30 by WickedThrifty featuring ASOS dresses

I think the two printed versions (orange floral and watercolor pastel) are just gorgeous patterns, something I have an extremely hard time finding. The ruffly &ruched body-conscious ones are stunning-- perhaps not on me with extra lumps and bumps, but for you streamlined gals... The cobalt ruffled one would be terrific for a thicker waist as the belt creates a waistline while the side ruffles are excellent camouflage (I dare you to try to spell that without looking it up!). The under-bust band and a-line shape of the black and purple are great for any body type.

I should probably check out Forever21 at some point (I think I'm a little overwhelmed). And I do occasionally luck out with a perfect find at Goodwill. What is your go-to source for inexpensive, flirty summer dresses?

Happy Shopping!


  1. I don't buy synthetic fabrics anymore which instantly makes it harder money wise but I usually hit up Loft and F21 for dresses. Loft has insane sales where you can get a dress for $20 and f21 makes a LOT of cotton things and they are also about $20.

  2. hillary i am SO not into synthetics either- i can't believe they're still making polyester clothes when things like rayon (only semi-synthetic- at least not made from oil) and bamboo exist! i love cotton but hear terrible things about how bad it is for the earth so now i'm all torn, AUGH.

  3. I stopped buying them for physical reasons over eco conscious ones. I keep over heating and getting... well... rashes and once I stopped with the synthetics and wore things that BREATHED all a sudden it stopped. Now when I wear a dress I've had a few years for a day by the end I feel like I am suffocating.

  4. Forever 21 is usually the first place I check if I need a cheap dress for upcoming hot weather. They have about 9 zillion right now, so it's worth the trip.

  5. i don't doubt it is paige but 2 enormous floors and all of that polyester is a bit daunting :P


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