Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Style Icon of the Past: RAYANNE!

If you were a child of the 90s like we were, you remember (and presumably loved) My So-Called Life. We personally worshiped A.J. Langer's character, Rayanne, the bad girl with the fabulous personal style. (True, we should probably be commending the costume designer, but it's difficult to tell where A.J.'s character and her own taste diverge...)

It is virtually impossible to find any good photos of most of what she wore, but there were myriad amazing Punky Brewster-esque color and pattern combinations, lots of BIG jewelry, and fun hair (bleach streaks, mini braids, big pops of color in accessories :) ). While of course we can't all walk around sporting our brother's flannel shirts anymore, lest we be mistaken for home bums (and as adults we should probably eschew the backwards baseball cap), we can still take some lessons on individual dressing from this fictional icon. Here, seemingly the only posed photograph taken of AJ during this time period, we have a gorgeous textured gold-and-copper tunic over light stonewash jeans, a batik scarf and a leather hobo bag, accessorized with what appears to be (are we wrong?) a phone cord wrapped multiple times into a bracelet, big silver earrings and colorful plastic barrettes. Could her hair be any more gorgeous, cascading in those lovely little waves? We should all be so lucky. Nothing here matches, it's possible she could be considered slightly insane, and yet it's so.freaking.perfect.

In this rather poor-quality still from the show, Rayanne mixes bold colors and floral prints for our absolutely favorite "punkish girly-girl" look. How cool is she? The headband is divine. She did always go for that oversized blazer/flannel thing, and we believe in flaunting what you got a little bit more zealously, but still, so much fun. Claire looks like somebody's grandmother, doesn't she? We also commend Ricky's adventurousness with color and pattern (and eyeliner), but let's stick to Rayanne.

When A.J. walks the red carpet, she can certainly look amazingly glamourous in some astronomically expensive gown, like all of the other stars... but we like to see her in something a little bit bohemian, with a lot of personality, like this adorable summer shebang. We LOVE a simple tank with an embellished skirt- this one has beading, embroidery, beautiful fabric, AND a matching satin ribbon tie. Excuse us, we just fell off our chair. We have to admit, though, that we wouldn't have gone with the white sandals here. We think that soleless jeweled t-straps would have been totally gorgeous (you know about these? Gypsy embellished heaven!) Or, since barefoot probably isn't an option, a strappy metallic sandal, to pick up the beading in the skirt, would have looked less clunky. To pick up a fabulous wrap skirt of your own, check out Etsy shop Siam2U, a one-woman show in Thailand, for only $25!! Happy hunting!

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