Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things We Love- In General

We love natural fabric (especially organic). Silk, satin, (silk) velvet, linen- and even modal and rayon are made from natural fibers! (Who knew?)
There are some super-comfy and fun lounge clothes in soy and bamboo blends at awesome Oregon-based Etsy shop DancingTreeCreations, like the adorable Soy V top (available in 2 colors with five color options for the trim!). At $40, it's a bit of a splurge, but for an organic cotton blend, entirely hand-made in the US, not too bad. Don't forget that non-organic cotton is one of the world's most polluting crops :(
We own the soy V dress in black with purple trim, and it's divinely soft; we wear it as a jumper in the winter over a longer purple skirt and thermal long-sleeve, and if the sun would ever come back, we'd enjoy it as a fabulous, floaty little sundress.

If it's not bright or black, we're not interested. We do own a tiny bit of baby pink, but other than that we love jewel tones best of all!

TEXTURE and EMBELLISHMENT! Because, as we know, normal is boring. Why go plain when you can have embroidery or brocade or crushed pleating or beading? We're fawning over this skirt with rose velvet trim from The Velvet Garden, the best online goth consignment shop! Only $15 (and we get the feeling this one is new and handmade, not pre-owned)

...and DRAMA!
We'll shamelessly plug our own jewelry here, because it makes a statement but is always affordable. Nothing finishes off an outfit like some sparkly, swingy, light-bouncing, dramatic chandelier earrings. Here, one of our most versatile pairs, Pythagorean Iridescence ($13), goes with just about anything. If you wear earrings like this, maybe not so much with a necklace. We like Christmas trees, but one statement piece in one visual area is probably enough. An up-do is nice, too. We like to throw our hair up in a messy bun or french twist and secure it with a paintbrush for a "that-was-a-nice-quickie-but-I-have-to-get-back-to-my-art-now" look, but a lovely hair stick would add a little extra flair. PurpleMoonDesigns has some beautiful handmade beaded options for less than $20/pair, or for the truly thrifty, head to your local Chinatown or oriental gifts shop and pick up some painted chopsticks for $1!

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