Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What We Wore Tuesday: First Picture Edition

We went a little bit 50s today, we think (maybe we have it on the brain).

Please pardon poor photo quality... Um, yeah.

We got a tiny bonus at work a few weeks ago and headed to Marshall's to spend it. We found this luuurvely silk taffeta skirt with massive pleating detail, for about $30. We don't mind paying more for real silk (even if our fiance swears it couldn't possibly be silk and that it's plastic... he's never seen taffeta before). It's voluminous, for sure, but we still think it's a fairly flattering silhouette.

It's been a super pink week, apparently, as today we chose this silk/cashmere blend cowl-neck sweater in powder pink, from Victoria's Secret online clearance a year or so ago. The sweater kittens... quite nice we think.... sweaters are far underrated. We probably paid under $30, because that's generally our single-item maximum for Vicky's clearance. You will notice that a good proportion of our wardrobe comes from their awesome sales, so keep your eyes out! (We get waaay too many catalogs from them, as you probably do, but the sale/clearance section on the site is where we shop!)If you like turtlenecks, they have this one on sale for $7! This one is silk and cashmere, so the $39 clearance price isn't quite as scary...

Not showing: sparkly silver glitter tights- not sure where we picked these up, to be honest, but an inch or two of these showing above the boots when we're walking is a nice touch, we think :)

It's just a pink sweater and black skirt, in the end (with awesome boots, Famous Footwear), but we hope the detailing and retro silhouette give it enough va-va-voom... what do you think?

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