Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tonight we're talking about handbags.

We know that some of you girls are tied to your uber-expensive Louis and whatnot (and why did every girl I know work at Coach at some point?), although we have to admit, we totally and utterly do.not.get.it. We used to get by on Army-Navy surplus and/or street fair bags (and for some reason people have a real penchant for gifting us small purses... we must have fifteen of the things). However, we recently splurged on what (to our thrifty selves) is an expensive (=Benjamin) handbag. This was because, after searching hither and thither, nigh and high, it was the most appealing in every aspect; however, especiallyso since it is made from what appears to have been a ridiculously 80s purple leather jacket. HoakonHelga is a genius!

No pictures really do it justice- mine nor hers- but you can trust me that it's beautiful, and the perfect size (about a cubic foot ;). It's true that you never know when you'll need to jam, so pick a bigger one than us if that's a concern.

Recycled/upcycled, whatever you want to call it, used leather has all kinds of benefits to the earth, including fewer toxic chemicals used in tanning, less water used in washing, and of course, since no one is going to wear a cropped, pleated, shoulder-padded, eggplant purple leather jacket anytime soon (I'm surmising), keeping good material out of landfills. We don't have to mention the spiritual and environmental necessities of using as much of an animal as we can if we have had to kill it- but we just did.

Another bag designer I absolutely adore on Etsy is alkdesigns. Just plain gorgeous work.

Let's hope she fills up her shop a bit more.

These two amazing bags are under
$100 and $50, respectively,
and have so much personality and were created with such exquisite detail, saturated color and beautiful fabric that it almost hurts us to not purchase both. We hope they go to a good home.

Get something that isn't like everyone else has; after all, you're going to have it on you more than just about any other accessory you'll own!

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