Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What we're wearing today

Today we are wearing a FABULOUS hot pink silk skirt from Calvin Klein that's very similar to this little tamale by Ralph Lauren, which apparently retails for $755! 0_0
We got ours for, as we recall it, less than $10 at Filene's Basement, due to this flamboyant color, which some people might feel a bit meek about pulling off, and also its having accidentally been marked a size 2 (never trust the labels in markdown stores- just learn how much fabric you need to get 'round your arse!)

We paired it with a silk/cashmere blend black square-neck decolletage sweater (hey, there's a cute guy in our office; flaunt 'em if you got 'em) from Vicky's online clearance. We doubt we paid more than $30, but it was years ago (thrifty tip: take care of your fabric and it will last!). There is scarcely a place we like to find sexy bargains more... you did know they had more than just unmentionables, right?

Tall black boots from Famous Footwear, $30. They're not real leather, but new leather uses so much water to finish, that synthetic is fine by us. Fabulous argyle-pattern fishnets, CVS, $5. Yes, CVS. It's not just your mother's L'Eggs in an egg anymore. Black-and-silver chandelier earrings (made by us, quelle surprise!) finish everything off.

You walk a little differently when you're wearing a piece this fantastic :D

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