Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are You Kidding Us? Lady Language

Many thanks to Audi at FashionForNerds for the mention of LadyLanguage, where we just discovered this Marilyn-inspired LBD for a staggering clearance price of $5.

The site could use some re-tooling (an advertised but not hotlinked clearance/sale section is nowhere to be found, nor is sorting by price an option, necessitating rifling through-- or letting the Thrifty Stylist do it for you), but there are some amazing prices here. Unfortunately the sizing is pretty limited at as well: only S, M, L (junior measurements). We apologize if this is a frustrating post for you (we've been there, girl... do you remember the store 5-7-9?)!

We're rather obsessed with dresses right now so we'll show you some more!

How about a coral strapless 50s-inspired embroidered circle skirt option for only $14?

Or perhaps you are a girl who likes a bold, kaleidoscopic floral in a precious flocked-bodice sundress? Divine, is it not? 100% cotton and only $22.00...

...And we're pretty much dying over the exquisite eyelet-and-ruffle detailing on this gorgeous bright orangey coral tube dress, $24- which we envision with a white cardigan at the office- what do you think? (We also saw this one in a maizey-yellow).

For inexpensive work basics or layering, we found this rich burgundy dolman-sleeve pointelle sweater for $12 (check out the link for the cool back collar detailing!):

We are forever looking for cheap tights to stock up on for fall and spring since we wear so many skirts, and these sweater tights certainly fit the bill, in 6 colors, only $4! (But we're not so thrilled that their "one size fits all" says up to 165 lbs. Sorry to our taller and curvier sisters).

We also love this precious puff-sleeve tee with button detailing at the shoulders, fairly inexpensive at $17.

We hope you enjoy these finds! We'll be checking out Lady Language every once in a while to see if more of the cute stuff has gone on clearance, since a few of the very loveliest dresses are still way out of our range. Happy shopping!


  1. OMG. I love that LBD and the price! *swoons*

  2. Some really cute steals! I cannot do the tights because I am a foot or two shorter than they OSFA estimation and I look like an elephant around the ankles.

  3. Bummer about the sizing but I am going to check it out anyway =)

  4. oh, that coral embroidered dress is awesome. and i'm totally not a coral person.

  5. me, neither, goodkarma! but yeah it's so super cute! i think i saw it in navy also but maybe that was sold out... another color i wouldn't wear. but i'm considering venturing into the salmon/coral/orange field due to the sheer number of adorable items i've found lately!

  6. absolutely love love love the dolman-sleeve pointelle sweeter. super my style, and I live in the tropics... lol. Love your blog. I just started one, it doesn't really have a price point, it's just things I love. lol. check it out and let me know what you think, I really could use the feedback. www.sass-n-swag.blogspot.com


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