Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Unbelievable Shoe Steals

Thanks to another fashion blogger (sadly we've forgotten which) who turned us onto UrbanOriginal (http://www.urbanog.com/). The site is a bit overwhelming so we'll start with just great shoes $10 and under today.

Lots of pairs are (sadly) available in only one size (this is clearance, after all), but if you're lucky enough to be that size, score! ...Like these sexy gladiator-ish stilettos in bright pink for FOUR DOLLARS! But only if you're a size 9. Le sigh.

For our tiny sisters, these black gladiator-inspired Mary Janes- size 6 only- are only $7 (Also available in brown size 8):

Have you been wanting to add a little extra brightness to your outfits? How about some sunny yellow platform wedges with precious bow detailing? In sizes 9 and 10 at $8:

Another bright option is this crazily Fleuvog-y pump in orange and red wingtip, only $8, sizes 5 1/2, 6 and 7 1/2:

If you're a wee lass really into the gladiator thing (we don't quite get it but understand many people are!) and/or the metallic trend for the summer, check out these tall silver strappy sandals, $9 in sizes 5 1/2 and 6 1/2:

More bright wedges, for sizes 8 1/2 or 9, $9. Every girl needs some hot pink shoes, don't you think?

We love platforms for the extra height without the killing of our feet. These ones might be a tad on the extreme side, but the toned-down maroon red keeps them out of trampy territory. Available in whole and half sizes 6 to 9, $9:

If you're willing to venture out of the $10 range, there are literally hundreds of pairs of shoes here. Not to mention other apparel (stay tuned for another blog!)

Enjoy the finds and happy shopping!

P.S. The site is currently offering free shipping on all orders $50+ within the continental US! Enter code FREESHIP during checkout! Bonus bonus!


  1. Shoes! Shoes, why did you have to feature shoes?! You know I'm weak! *runs off to check out the site*

  2. SERIOUSLY??? I am a shoe whore! I'm off to check out this fabulous link.


  3. Wow, I think I'm gonna die!! Great site and incredible prices! THanks so much for sharing!


  4. awesome find! thanks for sharing! i'm a shoe nut so this should be keep me very busy!


  6. I love that gladiator sandal- but if my leg is really short I am thinking it would look like a thigh high boot on me. Thanks for the shopping top though, awesome deals/

  7. Awesome post. I am heading over there right now!!

  8. Great shoes. I love your vacation packing blog. Keep up the great work.

  9. These are fantastic. I love the maroon platform pumps. I've got to go check out that website. Thanks!


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