Thursday, July 23, 2009

High-End Denim Giveaway (Current/Elliott)

and JustMyStyle have teamed up to offer this amazing giveaway of one pair of Current/Elliott wide-leg jeans.

If you check out the site you'll notice that the price is waaaay over our normal expenditure limit... But, you'll see some markdowns which are in the general spirit of being thrifty, right? If you're saving hundreds, does spending hundreds hurt so much? Hmmm. Not sure :)

All you need to do in order to enter is comment on the blog post! How super-easy did they make that? But while you're at it check out JustMyStyle (FashionablyAlaskan)'s great outfits, too, and we suspect you'll want to follow her!

Good luck... may the best chick win ;) (Us, hopefully, no offense or anything... We desperately need anothe pair of work-appropriate jeans!)


  1. These are nice... me covets.... non US residents allowed to enter?

  2. anks, i'm sorry to report that this is for US residents only. i'm not sure why that would be- perhaps shipping issues? a bummer :(

  3. Oh, thanks for the heads up!
    I'm definitely checking that out.


  4. i want a pair of wide leg jeans! haha

  5. What a great pair of denim.


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