Thursday, July 30, 2009

What We Wore: Embellishment Galore

Today we are sporting our new-ish-to-us silk beaded mac n jac skirt from the consignment shop again. It's going to be another ridiculously humid day, so we tried to find a sleeveless top that wasn't too horribly revealing for the office, and realized (thanks largely to Kasmira and Audi's awesome layering) that we could wear a pretty lacy see-through top with butterfly applique IF we put a colored camisole underneath! Eureka!

Skirt, mac n jac, thrifted: $15
Teal camisole, mossimo @ Target, $10?
Black lace shirt thingy: ??? By a Neiman Marcus label, label looks quite old- clearly thrifted?
Teal satin metal-heel ankle-strap shoes: Fioni via DSW, probably $30 or less?

Detail of top- applique and lace over cami:

Shoes (we think they speak for themselves):

And earrings, not by us, which is pretty unusual, but the shells pick up the iridescent sequin embroidery in the skirt oh so well...

We feel super cute today, so yay! What do you think?


  1. hmm. a girl on the street stopped me to tell me the outfit was "awesome. just awesome." which i would normally be thrilled about, except i'm pretty sure she might have been a tweaker o_O

  2. I love the shoes too, and the earrings!

  3. I used to own those very same shoes! I got them at Payless up here in Canada for about $15 three Christmases ago. I wore them once or twice - just got rid of them a couple of months ago.

  4. hmm, sheila- maybe i got them at payless, too! is fioni a payless brand? maybe i'm remembering eyeing some jennifer lopez shoes with similar heels at DSW... they sure get a lot of comments- my man called them "loud" :P (i've only worn them 3 times or so, myself)


I love (and live on) your comments so thank you!


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