Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What We Wore: Boobalicious

We started today's outfit with the conviction that we needed to wear our new red shoes. (These ones, remember?)

However, it seems as though we're severely lacking in items in our wardrobe that look good with red. We have a ton of pastel-y aqua and lilac. Not so much. And we didn't want to go ALL-black today. So we conjured up a square-neck cap sleeve top from Vicky's in bright purple. We bought this years and years ago (we were still married- maybe 2000?) and it has held up well. It's a bit excessive in the *cough* cleavage area, and probably not appropriate for work. Oh well :)

(Mind you that our hair is still wet and is not quite this stringy once it dries :D)
Necklace and earrings by us of course!

In addition to the ubiquitous leaf bracelet, we donned one of our favorite pieces, a sterling enameled cuff from Siam (before it was Thailand) with dancing ladies and filigree scrollworking (horrible office lighting, sorry):

We think the outfit came together pretty nicely, even if it's not terribly exciting!

This skirt is one of our many, many black skirts, probably from TJ Maxx or Marshall's, but it has a really fun asymmetrical hem and flouncy layered detailing. It adds a lot of volume for a large-bootied girl, which is why we kept the top pretty streamlined (well, as much as possible given the goods).

A success? Let us know :)


  1. Love those shoes - every girl needs a pair of red shoes, they go with everything. Loving the skirt too :)

  2. I am adoring the skirt! The shoes look fun to wear!


  3. *tries to keep eyes above the bewbs*

    i just bought a tan skirt that looks exactly like that at a rummage sale for 25 cents. i was going to wear it this weekend.

    oh, and don't count out the red and aqua combo. that can look good.

  4. Very cute.
    I love that color purple.
    For some reason I always avoid purple, I need to buy more.

    Threadbear Thoughts


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