Monday, July 20, 2009

What We Wore: Casual Monday

We didn't have the energy to put together an interesting outfit today after two nights chatting with the crush until the wee hours (oops). It's probably far too hot for these jeans, but we didn't feel like hunting for a slip to wear with any of our breezy skirts... so this is what you get.

We're lucky enough to be able to get away with not only jeans and a t-shirt, but highly office-inappropriate footwear, sparkly turquoise flip-flops.

T-shirt: Mossimo, Target, $10
Jeans: Diva, Old Navy, $29.99
Zebra scarf: Came with black T from Marshall's, FREE!
Glitter Flip-flops: Xhiliration, Target, $15 (? Last year I think)
Cloth belt: Came with capris, from where I do not know, FREE!

Are you allowed to wear anything you want? Do you think that even in a highly casual office environment, T-shirts or flip-flops should be avoided? We've all heard the "dress for the job you want, not the job you have" adage- but what if you aren't entirely sure which job you want? :)

Also, seeking advice on how to get a boy out of your head when you don't really want him out but really oughtn't think so much about him?


  1. Perhaps the cure for the boy ills is...more blogging? More outfit creation... sorry. I don't seem to have anything useful- but you look cute!

  2. I've been specifically instructed not to wear flip flops or "regular" jeans. I can, however, wear trouser jeans and other types of sandals, plus all sorts of other things that I wouldn't be able to get away with at a more conservative workplace, so I can't really complain. I have this one pair of super cute flip flops I wish I could wear though!

    Sorry, no advice on the boy :)

  3. i suppose if i wanted to i could wear anything i wanted to at work, but then again, i'm considered management and prefer to do my best to look it while also infusing a bit of personality and creativity into it! i do wear jeans on friday but i try even then to dress it up. our organization works a lot with retirees so it's best to be on the safer side, for the most part!

  4. most of my jobs i've been able to dress as myself, which is nice. sometimes i see a job listing somewhere that looks like it might be cool, but then i think, "ugh, i'd have to buy new clothes for it and dress up 'nice'." i work for Myself now, and Myself has a "come as you are" dress code policy.

    as for the boy - he'll do/say something incredibly stupid that will immediately end your thoughts about him. he's a boy (and a young one at that) - trust me, he'll do something stupid. just give it a little time.

  5. so you guys are sayin' time is the only cure here, right?? ok. i'll wait it out :P

    awesome to hear about your work clothes, everyone!

  6. My cure for getting rid of one was to look for a new one. Doesn't always work, though. Maybe he is just looking good because he is not there. Try to remember all of the irritating things about him ;-).

  7. Thankfully my job is pretty casual right now, but when I finish school up I'll be wishing I could wear jeans and flip flops to work.

    And as for the boy problem, I wish I could help, but I've suffered quite a bit from the same problem.



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