Thursday, July 23, 2009

Steals and Deals: Tulle4Us

We discovered this brand- Tulle4us- in our new Lucky mag and made a note to look for comparable pieces in a lower price range, since the featured items were sooo cute but fairly expensive. But Robin at ThreadbearThoughts posted about a cute little skirt from them that was only $14.00, so we figured there must be more sale stuff! And there is.

Much of it is very much not our style, and (as per usual, sigh) , it's clearly geared toward juniors and definitely not generally affordable- except for the sale section (you can sort low to high, and skip whatever pages are out of your range!) But we thought we'd mention a few inexpensive and adorable standouts (click pics for links to purchase).

Blazers and jackets are usually priced fairly high because their construction is much more complicated than, say, a skirt. So we're excited to see these two cute corduroy ones for only $14.99 each, available in either the tangerine or the celery:

Personally we're not into brass or gold hardware (then again, buttons can be changed), and we're not sure the pocket details would do us any favors, but we think these are very cute for someone else!

And now some blue dress love!

Ruffled shirtdress, $17.20

Tiered voile dress, $18.00

Pleated cotton dress, $18.00

Terribly cute and terrific prices, right?

We also found this lovely lace-cut-out-detail slip for only $19.80, far less than just about everything at Frederick's or Vicky's; it is crazy sexy but functional, too (we have quite a few see-through skirts and this looks like just the cure). And it's made from cotton jersey, not that nasty hot nylon/poly blend most slips are!

We're forever seeking out cute cardigans for layering, and they're amazingly elusive. We're not 100% sure about the tie detail in this sweater here-- for us, that is-- but it's a linen/rayon blend (hooray nice fabric!) for $12.00 so we're sure someone needs this (shown in rose/ "berry" but also available in black and pale yellow/ "banana"):

We love bamboo but haven't seen much of it around except in really high-end stuff... it's so soft and lovely, if you've never felt it! This is a bamboo/rayon/nylon blend short-sleeve sweater in a really cute shape (again, not for us but maybe for you!) at a truly amazing clearance price of $14.00:

Definitely another site to add to the "let's-see-if-anything's-marked-down-further lists... Enjoy the finds and Happy Shopping as always :D


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you did a post on Tulle4Us. Their clothes are quality and some reasonably priced. Oh, and that first blue dress is definitely my next purchase. For only $17 I know I'd regret it if I didn't get it.

    Thanks for the mention!


  2. Love the tiered dress!!!

  3. Great Post I love that pleated blue dress. Sadly I am no longer a junior size lol

  4. I like that orange blazer but am not sure it will like me quite as much...

  5. DARN- I clicked to buy that tiered dress and I cant find it- they must be sold out! bummer!

  6. I love that first blue dress! I might have to check it out... now!

  7. christina, i just went to look too and it is definitely gone. sad! i guess at these kind of prices things go QUICK! they also have a "bestseller" feature which is a quick way to find super-cheap stuff that other people have obviously already found, so i bet those go even faster! a shame :( but there's a whole bunch of NEW sale stuff now at least!


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