Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Steal-Sharing: Ann Taylor Loft $7-$30

We just recently signed up at ShopItToMe, a site we discovered on Ramit Sethi's personal finance blog, and we recommend you do the same, unless you are on a personal shopping embargo!

You answer a few questions, give them your email address, and pick your favorite brands from their list (you can add more as you go), and then they send you emails (you can adjust the frequency) with sale items in whatever price range you designate! You can even choose what percentage off the item has to be to show up in your inbox, in addition to the final sale price.

We are pretty enamored so far. Since we're not exactly "into" brands, it was difficult to make our initial selection, but we're glad we branched out of our comfort zone, 'cuz they showed us an adorable skirt at Ann Taylor Loft (middle below for $29.99) and a bit more digging by us resulted in the rest of these awesome steals (pics loaded via Polyvore due to difficulty copying from Ann Taylor site; click through to be linked to actual listing):

Great basics for super cheap, and the quality and fabric are worth far more. Upscale clothes for Target prices= score.

They're also offering free shipping on any orders over $125.00.

We will be sharing our finds periodically, but for now we'll leave you with our final pick, a too-cute-for-words ruffly-puckered-bodice summer dress for less than $20:

You love us, right?


  1. Wow that is some CUTE stuff! Signing up asap!

  2. Incredible! Definitely checking the site out, of prices like those it is so worth it! Thanks for sharing this with us!


  3. hmm... still haven't taken the plunge- maybe I will!

  4. I love that dress! Who knew Ann Taylor had such great taste :)

  5. This sale notification sounds like a good thing! I am sending your link to my daughter who loves Ann Taylor Loft.

  6. porchdays, i hope it was clear (maybe not?) that this is for gazillions of brands... ann taylor loft was just one that i happened to select and feature... betsey johnson is even on shopittome!! (alas, even the panties are out of my price range!)


I love (and live on) your comments so thank you!


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