Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Interview Panic!

The Thrifty Stylist was blindsided by a sudden interview when we had only size 8 suits at that time to our name (jackets fit OK but we're fairly sure camel toe isn't exactly a great first impression... for THIS sort of occasion, anyway). So... we headed to Filene's Basement to see what they had to offer us. Sad. There was no longer a suit section per se, just racks of separates and a few suits under different designer labels. We despise shopping by designer (as we mentioned regarding Macy's).

We almost went home with a true monstrosity; since there were no petite pants, we were resigned to skirt suits, and there was only one even close to our size: a double-breasted, hideous-colored, VELCRO-belted travesty-- of which the skirt fit but the jacket made us look like a little girl playing dress-up in a linebacker's closet (one with no taste)...

So... we headed back to the separates rack in desperation and tried on the last Calvin Klein jacket that matched the skirt in our size... and it fit! Even though it's technically a couple of sizes too small. And it only has one button. And it was waaaay not thrifty (~$120 for jacket and skirt). But hopefully it'll last us, even if it is one of our least favorite colors.

Orchid button-down was $5 at Goodwill; it's from Chadwick's.
We can't recall where we got the shoes, but they're not very attractive so we couldn't possibly have paid more than $15 for them. They're interview shoes only.

In order to make it a little teeny bit less obvious that we're dressed for an interview while at our current job today, we hid the jacket, rolled up the sleeves of the shirt, and threw on that purple tie-dye scarf we mentioned, from Marshalls (free with a T-shirt!)

...and these fabulous peep-toes which have served us well but are obviously on their last legs:

These were another not-so-thrifty purchase at $120, from Marshall's. We would normally never, ever pay that much for shoes unless they're really high-quality boots. But, we did. They're by Rebecca Sanver (?) and they're lovely plush velvet. And that trim! Oh how we love them.

We're seeking opinions (although we're at 3-to-1 in favor so far) on whether to leave the collar out of the jacket. It's supposedly the preferred method but we kind of enjoy it inside a little more, as it doesn't scream '70s to us quite as much. Please leave comments before 3 pm EST when we head off!

What horrible lighting! The suit is most definitely grey and the shirt orchid. We're fairly sure olive and pink would instigate nausea in our interviewer.

Please opine! Your thoughts are most appreciated :)

P.S. We are heading out to get some black tights to hide the tattoo later, and wearing our hair up in as professional a french twist as we can manage since we overslept and had no time to flat iron. Le Sigh.


  1. I'm torn between the two, but I think I like the in better for the interview.

  2. Not a collar person in general, so I prefer it in. I actually like jewel necklines, v-necks, scoop necks...

  3. We ended up with the collar in. And we were late (5 mins) due to multiple train delays. Ack!!! Thankfully the woman was also delayed in a meeting so she didn't know. We aren't really sure how it went as she didn't ask us any real questions, but hopefully our writing samples will speak for themselves! Thanks for your input ladies!

  4. I like the purple rimmed shoes! Too cute! So how did the interveiw go???



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