Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday's Look for Less: Kate Winslet

We love Kate Winslet, owing greatly to the time that she called up Vanity Fair to bitch them out for over-photoshopping her thighs for the cover- they'd cut too much off! You go, curvy sister!

This is not quite a splurge vs. steal since we didn't try to do the whole outfit with accessories, but we found this blue dress absolutely stunning and had to feature it as a look for less! What appears to be almost the exact same one- although Kate's has a bit more detailing at the bustline (couture vs. ready-to-wear, we imagine?) - retails for a whopping $1250.00 at BCBG. Can anyone who isn't a movie star imagine spending that on one (non-wedding) dress? We surely can't.

Also, if you don't have Kate's phenomenal figure, this skin-tight silhouette might not be the best for you (it sure wouldn't be for us!) so we include a couple of more flattering a-line skirt options. Those of you blessed with no lumps and bumps could definitely pull off the Goddiva version second from the right, though!

Which is your favorite?
Also, have any of you ever actually shopped at Forever 21? We just noticed a brand-new and enormous one in our town mall, but didn't venture inside. Is the quality crap? Is it all for juniors? Let us know if you have insight!


  1. My favorite is the far right for 17.80.

  2. I've never shopped from F21 b/c they don't ship to me for some reason, though they are opening a shop here in town this fall. Though I'm not a fan of blue dresses I gotta say the delia's dress caught my eye.


  3. We don't have F21 in the UK but we do have Primark. I love the blue colour.

  4. i LOVE kate winslet. she is my favorite actress, hands down.

    i haven't shopped at forever 21 in quite some time but there are a lot of bloggers 'round these parts that do and they always find very flattering, hip pieces. i'm also a big fan of agaci too, which is similar to forever 21. i'm assuming, however, that sizing will be dramatically different there and shoppers should be prepared for the difference.

  5. O!O!O! I like the blue one! wait they're all blue... um... I LIKE THEM ALL!


  6. We don't have F21 in Canada, but I've seen it in US cities. Seems to be mostly for the younger clientele.

    I love that shade of blue!

  7. Kate Winslet is an amazingly talented actress! and i love love love forever 21, they have great clothes for great prices :)


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