Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Croc Love

Did we scare you with that title? We're talking about the only acceptable "Croc" on feet that aren't 5 years old, nursing, or gardening: Croc-embossed!

Today we're wearing nearly the same outfit as this one from last week, except with a black top instead of the turquoise, and purple tights and (different) purple heels! Sorry for lack of a photo but it's better this way- that mirror at our man's house is so.freaking.awful. We do promise that once we figure out where we're living in September, we'll create a proper space for taking real photographs with a real camera so you don't have to squint anymore!

We used to have a thing against pointy-toed shoes, until we discovered that they elongate the legs of stumpy folks like us. Always a good thing. Hopefully the monochromatic tights/shoes will make us look a million miles tall. Ha.

These beautiful Sam & Libby pumps were a Famous Footwear find, if we recall, probably $15 or so. We can't turn down a cute pair of heels, even if they're a bit on the snug side in the toe box. These are sitting-at-your-desk shoes, not walkin' shoes. But that's OK.

We are so done with black shoes for a while. We'll always love our black boot collection best of all, but summer is for color!!! Are you trying to buy more colorful shoes?


  1. thank you for the kind words and the follow :D i love the indian clothing aesthetic... the more embroidery, beading and metallic thread the better :D

  2. love those shoes... I have a complete rainbow shoe collection. My favourites at the moment are hot pink.

  3. yes ofcourse!if you need some thing to sell in yr boutique or fr yr own use..
    do let me know?we have a plenty of ladies stuff with us..
    i shall frwrd some by email..

  4. love that purple!! and yes, colorful pumps are currently on my lust list. i'm too depressed with all the neutral color shoes i have. time for some color!


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