Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Experiment: Dress over Jeans

One of our co-workers rocks this look all the time and we decided to give it a shot for a hanging-out-with-the-fiance-while-the-kiddo-spends-Father's-Day-with-his-dad outfit.
This is not the thriftiest of ensembles, as the dress was an Etsy purchase and is a soy/organic cotton blend- it's by Dancing Tree Creations of Eugene, Oregon, and we wanted to support what was then a brand-new shop. We are so pleased to see her doing so well! And sometimes handmade and eco-friendly trumps bargain. It's a versatile little piece which looks great over a longer, heavier skirt and thermal longsleeve in the winter, adorable on its own when it's nice out, or evidently pretty decent over jeans during this questionable June we're having in Boston.

Jeans are Vicky's fancy backlifters (on clearance for $30 and in our opinion not as advertised, as the nylon panel in back does nothing but make them hotter) which we don't really like because they're too light and emphasize our thighs, but they work pretty well here.

Scarf, from a street booth in Salem, $15. It has little smiling skull & crossbones all over it! But it can be reversed to pure purple with merely a hint of a black print, for the office. Peeptoe slingbacks by Hot Kiss, $15 at Famous Footwear.

We think we'll do this again... unless our dear readers advise otherwise. Thoughts?


  1. Not to shabby! I'm sadly not tall enough to pull off a dress over skirt look. SO I'm jealous!

  2. dude, i'm only 5'2" do you think i managed? then you can too!

  3. I'm a newb at the dress/pants combo - but I've done it a couple of times. The trick is to make sure the dress is short (barely below the crotch) and the pants are slim-fitting. I'm only 5'4" and if you get the proportions right, yowza! Your legs look miles long.

    Thanks for Following! I like your blog!

  4. i've been doing the dress-over-jeans thing since high school.
    and i think you rock this look.


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