Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Splurge Vs. Steal

Work outfit- Splurge vs. Steal!
Work outfit- Splurge vs. Steal! by ThriftyStylist featuring Juicy Couture bags

We are so completely addicted to Polyvore it's not even funny. Real work has been pushed to the far, far back burner as we spend our days putting together virtual outfits. We've discovered that, contrary to our previous beliefs, we DO have expensive taste! It has nothing to do with labels-- on Polyvore you see the picture first with no details-- but everything we click on seems to be ridiculously expensive! Who knew?

We were putting together a work outfit (we're lucky enough to be able to wear jeans to work; maybe you are too, or at least on Fridays?) and we found these absolutely insane purple beaded Lorenzi pumps... but at $2500, they sent the outfit careening dangerously out of "thrifty" territory. Then it occurred to us that we should do a splurge vs. steal!

We admit wholeheartedly that the SPLURGE is a cuter outfit-- the shoes are more interesting, the jacket has more detail, even the cami has more shape than the cheaper one-- but for a difference of $3200, we are willing to be adorable rather than stunning.

The ruffly orchid corduroy jacket from the STEAL outfit is available for a scarcely-believeable $10 at a site we'd never seen before but will surely be perusing frequently now,, which seems to be a new and better ebay-- not quite an auction house but rather a resale and trade site. There are 31 million items available as we speak, and 38,000 users online. Hmmm... we'll have to do some more *cough* research now...

Another site we've been turned on to through Polyvore is - amazing deals (especially with the current conversion rate) and great fashion articles and advice! And they DO ship to the US (unlike Peacocks, grrrr! We love their stuff sooo much; why does America have to lose out?!)

Which outfit do you like better? How did we do?


  1. I'm somewhat torn between the two. I really like the shoes in the steal outfit more than the ones in the splurge outfit though.

  2. I'm so with you. Just like you, I love to find similar items that are for a lot less. I'm a fan of that jacket!

    Btw, thanks for following me! ^-^


  3. I can't get over the price difference in these 2 looks - at first I didn't read the 'Splurge' cost accurately and thought it was $335, not $3357. What a contrast.

  4. Btw forgot to tell you that I loved your blog so much I am linking to it!

    If you'd like to link me also feel free to do so!

    Sophie ^-^

  5. oops! we just realized we forgot to convert some of the SPLURGE items from GBP to dollars... so actually the SPLURGE outfit is WAY more than $3357!! GASP!


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