Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday: The Thrifty Stylist Wears Jeans

You may have noticed a lot of skirt action in our posts up until now, and it's true that we wear skirts nearly all of the time when we're not hiking or camping (and even then sometimes a nice hippie skirt and some flip-flops are perfect fire-tending gear... No?) but we do occasionally foray into denim territory.

This is our running-around-doing-errands outfit. We bought these dark-wash bootcuts at Old Navy a few weeks ago for about $30 (oh, it hurts. We miss AmVets!). They're unfortunately large in the waist which is causing a good deal of "gapping"in the back and makes our belt go all wonky. Why is it that they can't make jeans for girls with big hips who aren't necessarily big all over? Sigh. (Side tangent: what is up with their sizing these days? We swear every shirt was a tent, although a friend claimed the opposite problem last time she went. Bizarre.) However, we do like the wash and we're glad at least someone still makes a petite length under 30" (have you noticed how they've all been creeping up?)

The aforementioned wonky belt is from a pair of cropped pants we bought ages ago and has out-survived them in our wardrobe (apparently us shorties cannot rock the capri). We love it for how it doesn't add bulk to a fitted silhouette like a leather belt would. And when half of it ends up on our lower back, failing mightily to contain the extra fabric of the waistband, it doesn't chafe. ("Get thee to a tailor, Thrifty!"-- we agree that this would be advantageous.)

We have to admit here, dear readers, that we have an addiction to (a collection of, really) butterfly t-shirts. Having just passed out of our twenties this year, we're fairly sure we should never, ever be drawn to sparkly butterflies in the juniors section, but quite honestly we can't help ourselves. Granted, on a day like this when we are out and about with our almost-teenage son and people assume we're siblings, we do question our own judgment ;) We did get a shouted compliment from an older lady while crossing the street... Hmm... Besides the butterfly, we love the layered look of the tie-dye patterned sleeves. The bottom band of purple is a heathered bra top cami from Vicky's, of course (we probably have 15 of the things).

The shoes are American Eagle or somethingorrather from Payless. Love the little skulls and heart crossbones! We hope girly punk continues to dominate the teenage retail landscape. We don't really do sneakers or flats (it's so difficult to find sneakers that aren't hideous and flats that don't make us look stumpy), but fake Vans, we can handle.

What do you wear to do your errands? We can't abide sweatpants or pajamas in public... how has that suddenly become completely acceptable? The Thrifty Stylist needs some smelling salts.


  1. Love the new look for the site!
    Generally when out doing errands it's either a t top or tank top and shorts or skorts, since I live in the tropical south. I try to keep them stylish along with the necessity of comfort. And of course either flip flops or sandals to match.

  2. I wear jeans and a rock t-shirt usually, and I wear real Vans! I love channeling my inner rocker chick for casual wear - although I have to be careful that I stay age-appropriate (as we are an old bag of 41, almost 42). :-P

  3. I love jeans too! :) dark jeans are nice, pair with a cool shirt.

    been looking for a great pair of big girls pants


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