Thursday, June 4, 2009

New from Old

Long time no blog!
We realized we were wearing pretty much the same outfits we'd already blogged about, and there was nothing very exciting to share with you...

However, today we are discussing a fabulous book that we found in the reference section of our favorite used bookstore last week (because we refuse to pay full price for books, also!):
New from Old- How to Transform and Customize Your Clothes by Jayne Emerson is about to change our lives. If we get a sewing machine for our birthday, that is...

We have always been obsessed with embellishment and sought out clothes with added sequins, ribbons, sparkle, and trim of any sort... which is easy when bohemian/Indian/gypsy styles are trendy, but not so much when clean lines are in vogue. So what's a girl to do? Start collecting trims and pop-on rhinestones, we think. This book has fantastic projects from simply bedazzling a camisole to making a fabulous handbag out of a thrifted way-too-80s leather skirt! Some of the items are more complicated and probably best for an accomplished seamstress, but others were less than terrifying for a newb. Not only do we plan to use these techniques to enliven our own wardrobe and pull consignment-store finds out of the doldrums, we plan to start a line on Etsy of fabulous upcycled gypsy goth wear... eventually. We always knew we would- our storage unit is filled with garment bags stuffed with silks and satins and velvets we've amassed over many years of being unable to pass up a single-digit-$ deals on gorgeous fabric, even if we'd never wear the item itself.

In the coming weeks we'll be featuring some of the better thrift shops in the Boston area- if you have been to one recently or are able to go and take some pictures and report on what you find, please contact me to do a guest blog spot!!

Lastly, we started a twitter page so please add us if you have one, too!

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