Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thrifting Weekend!

Just a quick post here- wanted to mention what appears to be an AMAZING consignment shop here in the Boston area that we're going to check out this weekend: Raspberry Beret (two locations: Wakefield and now between Harvard and Porter Squares on Mass. Ave!), named after a Prince song, painted bright fuchsia and, from the looks of it, totally awesome.

We absolutely can't wait to peruse their stock and hopefully come up with some fun new pieces in bright colors and some terrific accessories... reading other daily wear blogs, we're starting to feel a little boring. And boring is the last thing we ever want to be :(

We will report back! Has anyone else been there? What are your favorite thrift shops? We wish we lived in the Pacific Northwest for Buffalo Mercantile, easily the best, biggest resale shop we've ever seen. Here in Boston we're quite partial to Oona's in Harvard Square, even if it's more of a vintage shop (read: expensive) than thrift per se... and we can't wait to check out the new Goodwill in Davis and Poor Little Rich Girl and Artifaktorie, too-- any reports on those? Lastly, Urban Renewals in Brighton is purportedly an amazing source of vintage costume jewelry (according to InspiredVintageJewelry) and also well-organized and not-too-expensive clothing. We miss the AmVets that was a few doors down, and haven't found anything comparable in terms of prices at any of the shops (even Goodwill wants $7 for jeans these days!)

Please leave any tips or reviews of your favorite!


  1. Raspberry Beret - great name! Look forward to seeing what you come up with...

  2. Ooo sounds like an awesome place. I really can't find a decent thrift store around here even the salvation army's kinda sucks. Can't wait to check what you found!


  3. Oooohhhh...that store looks amazing! We have nothing like that around sad. Love your site, it's great. I am ALL about frugal fashion!


  4. I want to go there! The prices you mentioned are quite a bit lower than regular thrift store prices where I live, which have been jacked up during the recession so that a pair of shoes can be $20 for something pretty basic.

    Gotta love all things second hand, though!

    The Blue Kimono


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