Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What We Wore Tuesday: Hibiscus and DOTS

By dots we don't mean polka, we mean those little semispheres of candy stuck to rolls of paper that we used to eat as a kid. The colors in this outfit remind us of those wretched little sweets, although we are not actually consuming any fibrous bits with it (thankfully!)

We're being AWFULLY adventurous today, venturing not only into print-land, but also wearing three (count them! 3!) colors besides neutrals today! Usually it's black and one solid. We're not sure whether the print on this Skirtology skirt is overwhelming our petite but curvy frame... we loved it at the shop (and especially loved its $8 price tag) but maybe it's a tad big? Is it making us look shorter and fatter? Hmmm... This might be one for passing on to a taller friend, even if it is quite lovely.

We do love the turquoise and hot pink, though, even if it took us a while to come around. This is a cropped sweater we found at Marshalls in the junior clearance for $8. We love the saturated color. Our man calls it our "miniature sweater" but it really does fit... we think anway! Layered underneath, a short-sleeved knit top with lace ribbon detailing at the gathered shoulders (we let the lace peek out around the cardigan for a little extra girliness). And... we kicked up the candy-liciousness (although you can't quite make it out in the photo) with those purple pumps we discussed earlier. (Turns out they're microfiber, not actually suede, but they were cheap and had never been worn and they're luscious so we're not complaining).

We think we'll definitely be trying some more outlandish color combinations in the future... Trinny and Suzannah (of the UK original What Not to Wear) say that any colors can go together as long as they're tonally matched-- i.e. have the same quantity of black in their shades. Who knew?!

For accessories, we picked up the pink in the sweater with hot pink and black chandelier earrings by us (of course)

And then echoed the print in the skirt with our David Anderson leaf bracelet again:

...as well as matched the turquoise with a beaded cuff (we absolutely adore coordination), also a gift from mom but not vintage... which we've now tried to transfer from the phone approximately ninety-seven times and have now given up. But it's quirky and fun, trust us- you can sort of see it in some of the outfit pics.

Wish list: tights in super fun colors. This outfit would have been kicked up to 11 with some hot pink, turquoise or (gasp! What have you done with Desiree?) yellow tights. The black are so blah, even with the purple shoes.

What do you think of our foray into more-adventurous-land?


  1. I would like to see more of the jewelry you make. I enjoy creating jewelry as a hobby. Such fun to put the textures and colors together. Thanks for signing up with me. I listed you as a blog I follow with your link and a thumbnail of your posting.

  2. ITs a pretty fun outfit. I think the skirt is fine if you think its to long have it hemmed.

  3. I would love to have dibs on those shoes.

  4. Thank you for the compliment! (on my blog) That is very sweet of you to say. Yes, our weather here in Midwestopia has been rather un-summer-like as well. But I know that all too soon the humidity and temperature will both be at 100 and I'll be begging for rain again :)

    Your outfit is absolutely lovely today!

  5. Ummm...I am loving adverntureland! I think the skirt is lovely too. An a-line done right! You know those skirts that look so deceptively cute on the hanger...all a-linish, but a pit too poofy? Yeah, it's not one of those. I say keep it.

    LOVE those purple heels!

  6. I vote to keep the skirt, too - I like this outfit, and the colors. You could perhaps lose an inch or two off the skirt if you'd feel happier with it a bit shorter.

  7. We want to see the cuff... maybe next time. The leaf bracelet is so sweet, I have a vintage one that is similar. I am loving that skirt and those shoes! Fabulous combo!


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