Thursday, June 25, 2009

What We Wore Thursday: Dressing Down

We don't mean casual exactly- we were just trying to take this dress we wore to a wedding a few weeks ago and dress it down enough for the office, since it was one of the only things available in our scant at-the-man's-house-wardrobe!

So we added the jacket from the suit we wore to the interview yesterday, and our beautiful new red stacked heels (see this post if you're not familiar!)

Here's a fairly decent representation of the outfit in its entirety:
Outfit Thursday June 25
Outfit Thursday June 25 by ThriftyStylist featuring Miss Me shoes

The jacket is really much more grey and the dress clearly has a different print, but you get the idea. We would feel a little boring in all of these neutrals if it weren't for the fantastic shoes!

Do you ever wear something that isn't really for the office but make it work with structured layers? We have been dying to do so with our lace-overlay dress from the consignment shop trip with a cardigan or blazer, but with the nude lining we're not so sure. Thoughts?


  1. Yes I have, as long as it still looks professional, your shoulders are covered and your cleavage and or derriere is not completely on display for all it can be done. I have one top that is very lacy and a romantic style, if you hold it up you can see right though it, so I have various tank tops and camisoles that I put under it. Wearing it that way I have gotten many compliments on the blouse.

  2. I think you totally could pull it off. Just wait and make the right outfit and for petes sake ask for a drawer or something at your mans house!!!

  3. haha renee-- i do have a drawer, but it's packed with underthings. and i have space in the closet (a bit). and he got me a cabinet, but it mostly houses shoes with ridiculous heels i almost never wear and some flea market picture frames on the crafting to-do list... i need a whole bureau ;) he's moving in in september though.

  4. I made a red/cream polka dot halter dress work for the office (it still looked pretty dressy as I wore pearls with it).

    I have a few dresses that will just never work, unfortunately. I'll be wearing one of them tomorrow night out for dinner.


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