Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Steals and Deals: The $15 Store

Have you heard of this place? ( Are we late on the uptake?
It's geared toward juniors, and as we've mentioned we probably shouldn't be looking for that kind of stuff, but $15! Every single thing. They seem to be remnants from somewhere-- they have original prices and everything is marked way down. Even if it's just a marketing ploy, Wow.
We won't vouch for the quality until we order something, but when we get paid at the end of the month, we're pretty sure we know where at least $45 is going:

This ombre empire-waist dress with beaded trim, in two gorgeous colors, looks pretty short, but for those of us who aren't teenagers anymore it could look adorable over a contrasting longer skirt or petticoat, yes?

We're always on the lookout for a bargain for next season, so even though we detest the idea of a sweater actually on us at this moment, these gorgeously saturated fuchsia and purple options-- one cashmere, the other two so girly it slays us-- have us awaiting our paycheck with the zeal of a giddy child on Christmas Eve.

Fall Bright Sweaters $15
Fall Bright Sweaters $15 by ThriftyStylist on

If you're in the market for a new coat for fall, can you even believe they're selling a real suede trench for $15? In sand and "almond" brown, we're not sure we can personally pull it off, but dear readers, you do have to snap it up. Actually, it might look snazzy over an interview outfit so perhaps we should take the plunge. It's not a very painful one.

Suede Mini-Trench $15
Suede Mini-Trench $15 by ThriftyStylist on

We mentioned that we've been seeking another alternative to our regular black lace cardigan; we do have a few shawls and pashminas, but we're definitely eyeing these three options (especially that burnout velvet, oh, my).

Romantic Cover-ups
Romantic Cover-ups by ThriftyStylist on

We suspect the junior sizing will run small. We haven't gone so far as to see if they have a sizing chart. We're still giddy from browsing. Although we admit that we're sharing the creme de la not much at all. But maybe your tastes aren't as specific and you'll find more... However, these deals are a good enough start to have us excited for a new place to order. We'll report back.

Let us know if you enjoyed the finds, and definitely if you've ever shopped there!


  1. On my way to check it out... Thanks!

  2. Oh wow, these finds are amazing. Really love the pinky-purply sweaters.
    Please, do report back!


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