Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Affordable Fair Trade/Organic

We firmly believe in (almost exclusively) natural/renewable fabric, and especially organic, since even our beloved "conventionally" (read: with modern chemicals)-grown cotton turns out to be a pretty evil crop in terms of pesticide use and petroleum consumption... but it's not often that you find any organic offerings in our price range. As we've said before, this creates a struggle between conscience and wallet, which wallet usually wins.

Imagine our excitement, then, to discover Fair Indigo, a shop dedicated to fair wages and unusually excellent working conditions for its factory employees all over the world, and also natural fabrics, with extensive organic offerings. Thanks to like-minded blogger and new follower FinalClothesOut for the tip! Check out her awesome thriftiness, too!

Some of our favorite pieces on super sale and within our price range are the basic organic crew-neck T, in 5 colors and 5 sizes, $10.50 (also a great deal for any of the crafty types who screen their own designs- you can definitely charge more than you would for a Hanes or something because these are so much better quality and more responsible!):

Or perhaps you prefer a long-sleeve crewneck, to stock up for fall and winter; this one is also in 5 colors and 5 sizes, though they warn you that you need to order a size up (hence it being on clearance we imagine), $12.50:

And how cute is this perfect little T-shirt dress, available in this "stem green" and navy, $29.50:

A perfect work or interview shirt in 5 colors and 8 (dress) sizes, this princess-seam button-down in 100% cotton-- not organic, but at least still fair trade-- is only $22.50, with rave reviews and a customer rating of 4.7 out of 5:

If you wear neutrals other than black, unlike us, or you're into dyeing stuff, this linen/cotton tie cardigan has to be the perfect layering piece, for only $22.75 (75% off!) in S-XL:

We also adore this surplice-wrap-look sleeveless tee, in 4 lovely girly colors and 5 sizes, only $10.50:

...And we personally don't wear yellow but how freakin' adorable is this faux-cami-peekaboo blouse?? $22.50 (62% off):

The (not-so-latent) goth chick in us is screaming for this 100% silk ruffly blouse, which we envision more as a cardigan, over a bright camisole... $22.25

Speaking of silk, we adore this "flip skirt" in a dainty floral print. It's fully lined in acetate and they recommend sizing up if you don't like a slim fit at the hips. $24.50, sizes 2-16:

This perfect fall work skirt in a charcoal tweedy wool with ruffle hem is just adorable and a pretty universally flattering cut, only $17.25!

We wouldn't usually schill for somebody else's jewelry, (except maybe LoveErin or LonesomeRoadStudio) but these earrings are also handmade by artisans: a cooperative in Peru. (Each piece has at least one background story given, either from the factory or the designers.)

"Angeles Anonimos trains disabled folks in the fine art of jewelry making. They are thrilled that their jewelry is being sold outside of Peru for the first time at Fair Indigo; we are equally thrilled at the chance to bring their exquisitely hand-crafted work to you. When we asked Maria Elena, one of the founders of the group, how they came up with their name, she looked surprised it wasn't obvious. 'Anyone who buys jewelry from us is an anonymous angel.' " Wow. $23.40-- they are sterling silver and what looks to be glass and Swarovski crystal. Worth it.

No doubt you'll find a thousand things you love, but these are our favorites. We hope you enjoy the price break on what's normally a splurge... we sure will come payday ;)


  1. Oooh. Liking some of those skirts!

  2. i vote with my dollar. and this is the kind of company i like to support. excellent find.

  3. Whee! Thanks for the love!

    I love that yellow blouse, too.

  4. Wow, nice products and very 'fair' prices too!


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