Sunday, August 23, 2009

What We Bought: Payless and Bob's and PATTERNS, oh my!

We are utterly addicted to solids- we admit it. We have a very hard time branching away from our saturated jewel tones. This weekend, however, we headed into Bob's to pick up a few basic tees and things from the clearance rack, since our Old Navy ones from a few years back are starting to look a little ratty (and we notice a general dearth of non-revealing tops in our collection... we're tired of feeling weird about spaghetti straps in the office because the a/c isn't working and we have to take off our cardigan quite often while running around...), and we're very, very proud of ourselves for having picked up not one but two tops with a print!

Here are some of our scores:

At Payless, with the BOGO 1/2 off sale, we got these cute little velvet flats for fall for $4.00:

Unfortunately the other pair we fell in love with wasn't even close to on sale, so we spent more than we like to at Payless ($24.99), and also had to buy a 6 1/2 even though we know they'll be rough to walk in, because the 7s slipped off the back too much... so we'll probably regret this, but we couldn't resist the platform and color and ruffle and perfect, perfect heel... 

So in case you're counting too, that's our third pair of purple pumps. Obsession, anyone? We did almost buy some pointy-toed hot pink faux-leather 80s ones, too. Someone probably needs to have those- we just knew we'd get too matchy-matchy with them since we've been really into hot pink lately...

We bought a couple of cute flutter-sleeve tees for $5 each, with a great square neckline and shape, which you will no doubt be seeing in outfits to come soon. Super-summery without being revealing, and made from renewable rayon-- we are pretty much in love. Hot pink and deep violet, of course. And we went a little obmre-crazy with a pink v-neck and a purple smocked-waistband skirt, too ($5.00/$15.00 respectively). 

But now, the moment you've all been waiting for-- the patterns!

First, an uber-flattering meshy surplice top with side-tie detailing in this crazy loud psychedelic print that would terrify us if it weren't our favorite colors all in one. $10

Lastly, we took ourselves far out of our comfort zone with a tube top (it has a shelf bra so there is some support going on) in coral with a pretty glittery floral pattern painted onto the front ($10.00). At some point we're going to need someone to tell us we're too old for glitter. Not yet, though. 

We hope you're proud of us. We highly recommend the Bob's clearance rack right now, if you have one nearby. Most of the tops were less expensive than our local Goodwill. There are also hundreds of bikinis on final sale for about $10 a piece, and we think every girl needs multiple swimsuits, so if you wouldn't blind people by showing your stomach in public like us, snap some up!

Happy Shopping!


  1. I love the purple pumps. I don't think you can eveer have enough shoes!

  2. I have those ballet flats. I bought them almost a year ago for work, and I still wear them. ... The inside part is kind of falling apart, but I love them anyway! They're some of my favorite shoes. :) Good choice! :)

  3. Agreed re: the purple pumps - they're fabulous!

  4. yay for patterns!! and those purple shoes from payless are to die for and i simply can't blame you for getting them even if you already have other purple shoes...because destiny is destiny, nah mean? ;)

  5. Patterns are so much fun-I also love purple and blue together. Awesome find with the purple shoes!

  6. Love the Payless finds! They have some really great shoes.

  7. Yes, hugely proud of you! I too have fewer patterns than perhaps would be ideal in my collection.
    I do like your shoes finds - the average price was just fine! - and am somewhat jealous of your purple pump tally ;)


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