Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two via Polyvore: Probably Too Much Black

We know we wear "too much" black (although we're not entirely convinced that there's such a thing). We're not in New York City or Paris, we're aware. However... we love it so!

Today we regale you with tales-via-Polyvore of yesterday's and today's ensembles. Of course, we couldn't find a single exact match, but they are fairly faithful representations, anyway.

We told you about this hot pink skirt a while back. It's still one of our favorite statement pieces and it gets a lot of comments, for sure! Hooray for no one else being willing to risk a hot pink skirt, 'cause we scored it for about $10 on super clearance at Filene's Basement, and it's real silk and CK. Here's yesterday's outfit:

Outfit Aug 4
Outfit Aug 4 by ThriftyStylist featuring 1928 jewelry

(In case you're wondering about the background, we're desperately lamenting our lack of beach visits so far this summer, that's all!)

We adore this Arden B cardigan shown, but ours is NOT as cute, sadly!

...And then, today is our first wearing of the "party skirt" mentioned in our MetroStyle clearance post recently... This satin bow-detail version captures the same flirty spirit. Our jewelry today is all by us and is at least similar to that shown... augh, we still promise we'll find a way to start taking awesome pictures soon! (Does anyone know if the Canon Powershot S5 IS works with a remote control? We're not so into this self-timer "run-for-it!" idea, and we don't see a remote listed in accessories, sadly.)

Outfit August 5
Outfit August 5 by ThriftyStylist featuring Dorothy Perkins

As we mentioned, we have decided we'll be wearing a flower in our hair as much as possible for the forseeable future. People seem to love it, too, especially the guys in the office. Our sweet Russian co-worker said "women are so lucky to have so little restriction in their dress." It's true, we are, don't you think? Another male colleague said "it just adds so much SUMMER!" Which we all need a little bit more of after this worst-weather-summer-EVAR, no?

We really shouldn't be wearing flip-flops to work... but sometimes you have a morning meeting offsite and forget you won't have time to grab pumps from under your desk and then just give up on changing since your boss has already seen you in the totally-inappropriate-footwear for several hours, right? Or maybe that's just us.

Hope you enjoy these little glimpses. Too much black and probably not very adventurous, but we enjoyed them anyway :)


  1. That's another bummer of not working. I've got all these great clothes and no place to wear them. If I wear them here at home the husband wants to know why I'm all dressed up.

    I actually like to wear skirts and dresses, I feel very comfortable in them.

  2. actually our IT contractor said yesterday "you're looking so nice every day. What's going on?" hahaha

  3. Wow, that skirt really is pink!!

    I like the flower in the hair concept. Can I ask, how do you secure it? And where do you put it?

  4. i bought 3 that are attached to regular alligator clip-type hair clips, one with a pin, too, so you can wear it as a brooch, and those i wear right above/behind my ear (as though 'twere a real one, tucked!) and the others have a large hairpin thing so i think they're for putting in buns.


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