Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cute and Cheap: Old Navy Clearance

We love clearance (in case you hadn't noticed). In-store clearance, online clearance-- it doesn't matter, as long as we're getting something for close to its actual fabric cost, or 90% off original price, or anything else brag-worthy (we want people to know we didn't spend a lot to look so awesome ;) ). We were not aware that Old Navy had online-only deals, nor that they offered expanded sizing there (hello, petites and talls!), so we were excited to see (after a fellow blogger recommended them) these cardigans, normally $26.50 , on clearance in the petite length for only $9.99!

4 colors! 5 sizes! Just make sure you click "petite." In a sweater, surely you could get away with pretending it was made to be cropped and elbow-length, if you're taller?

We can't help but love this non-clearance front-page offering (does that mean everyone will have it like that lavender haphazard-tier Target skirt we have that we see all of the time? Ack) of a tiered, smocked -waistband prairie skirt with lovely white embroidery (although 'twould be nice if one could be confident said embroidery was done by someone who was compensated fairly for their work... :worried face: - they don't give country of origin online.)

Someone on Etsy makes something just as cute or way cuter, but probably not for $26.50. Ah, the perpetual juxtaposition of conscience and wallet...

Maybe something vintage instead? There is this cool vintage ribbon-trim one from PastandPresents for $25...

But back to the clearance... the maxi dresses are starting to go on sale so even though people are starting to talk about fall (heaven forbid), you might want a hot pink or black one in a tie-tube-top style at $19.99 before the dog days of summer.

We love lace-trim camis for layering and these (below) come in an astoundingly terrific 10 colors (all of which we adore); they're 2/$15, and in tall and petite several (other!) colors are discounted even further! They're jersey knit with 6% spandex, so they probably feel totally fantastic against your skin. (We hope, 'cause we're grabbing a bunch if they're still around come next pay cycle).

They've also got 6 colors of Hawaiian-y floral burnout-pattern scarves for $10:

Or if you're more of a solids kind of a girl, this one is also $10 (down from $12.50) and in 12 colors:

$6 for shelf bra camis (15 colors!) isn't bad at all- Vicky's and Express' are usually $15 or so.

Who knew ON carried yoga mats? Guess we haven't been in for a while. These hibiscus-print mats in 3 colors are on sale (slightly) for $12
We think this flower-print fabric hobo bag is pretty adorable, for only $10 too (also available in some stripey-preppy situations that are... "NOS" [not our style], shall we say):

We didn't even know they had shoes that weren't flip-flops, so imagine our surprise at encountering these covet-worthy espadrilles, shown here in our favorite color combo of course but also in neutrals, black & white stripe- $12.99- and then black, and yellow stripes, $15.99.

Hope we found some steals you might not have otherwise. Happy shopping!


  1. noticing a lot of stops-by from down under... sorry i'm featuring opposite seasons for you but perhaps you could stock up if shiping is available to you :) thanks for reading!!

  2. The flower tote really is rather cute, isn't it? Love the idea.

  3. Wow! I love your blog! I love deals too. :-)

  4. Wow, several cool things in there! I almost always shop clearance/sale stuff. That's generally the first area I head for when I walk into a store looking for something.

  5. i love both of the full, highwaisted skirt! =) they're the best!!

  6. oh, O.N.- always comes thru for me in the cute on a budget dept.! love them!

  7. Love that Old Navy cardigan - I'm totally addicted to cardis... should I resist, or give in to the urge?? :)


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