Friday, August 28, 2009 Clearance Loveliness

We've never actually shopped at Overstock, but we hear amazing things from our co-worker, who swears by them for pearls and mattresses, among other things. Today we decided to check out what they have on clearance for us thrifty fashionistas. To be sure, there was plenty of hideous stuff, but we found a bunch of adorable dresses and skirts for under $30, of course.

Check out the set- click the pic for prices and links to the listings on Polyvore. Clearance: Skirts & Dresses Clearance: Skirts & Dresses by ThriftyStylist on

We're gushing most over that lace-hem v-neck dress on the left, by Tahari ASL (even if it is polyester chiffon) for $27.00. Gorgeous. But really, they're all adorable, and most in cotton or other natural fabrics, and the others all $22.00 or less!

Have you ever shopped at Overstock? For clothes, household items, gifts? What was your experience?

Happy Friday and happy shopping!


  1. I used to buy hard to fins textbooks there but thats about it =)

  2. Those are cute, I've browsed at but never bought.

  3. I bought two of my favorite winter coats from overstock and a couple pairs of boots. No complaints here!:)

  4. I don't shop there either, but stumbled upon some cute tank tops yesterday. They sold out before I could do anything about it. Lame.

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  6. i like the pink purple and black one the best.


  7. Def checking them out! Love the dresses, btw!



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