Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thrifty Etsy Finds: Statement Necklaces $20 and Under

We're not entirely sure that we personally are planning to rock this trend we're seeing everywhere with the giant necklaces, but only because we rarely wear necklaces, fixated as we are on chandelier earrings and with our propensity for low-cut tops; no reason to draw the eye there further, we surmise.

However, because we love our readers so and assume that some of you are fashionistas in the sense that you which is totally fine, we bring you thrifty Etsy statement necklaces.

We're sad the mini won't publish in html because we'd love you to be able to click to link to the shops from the photo; to be able to do so, check out our Etsy finds (on the right) or our public favorites here. But we'd like to also feature the artists individually (top to bottom, left to right):

$20- Vintage Gunmetal Nail Pendant Necklace from LifeTravelsDesigns in Florida, who is a jewelry designer in addition to vintage collector and also runs the shop RuthEyes from which we (coincidentally, really) found
$10 Vintage Orange Cabochon Necklace (Amberina/Gold tone) which has us drooling a bit, even though we don't technically wear orange.

$15 "Orange Fiber Statement" by SoulInChains of Vine Valley, NY, is a fabulously upcycled felted-sweater necklace with fantastic and multitudinous beadwork. She says "This has to be one of the most wonderful things I have ever made." We adored her at first sight!

$18 "Connect the Loops" by BeMyShark in Brooklyn is that we can barely stand it, likely due to the fact that she used all of our favorite colors and managed to make something awesome out of trash (plastic bags!). We would like to announce our dorky, ridiculous fandom. We also totally love her offering
$15 Structure and Shape which has ruffly trash. Girl after our own hard-edged girly heart. How totally punk is wearing garbage? Like, the epitome.

$12 Bamboo Flower Necklace by Ashlee of Rose Marie's Bijouterie in Salt Lake City, who named her shop after her stepdaughters (cue awww). Lots of statement pieces in the shop, like
$12 "Rian" Coral Enameled Necklace whose flower pendant is 2" in diameter... A good "statement pendant" size.

$10 "Funky Feather and Vintage Necklace" by HaKniK from Da Bronx (um, sorry about that) is wicked, wicked awesome (we say that here in Boston- it's a synonym for very), who says "I LoVe fashion. The frivolity of it all. The never-ending cycle..." Ah yes, as do we; hence the blog. We try not to take ourselves too seriously either.

$17 "Angel Eyes" by JenGlo of Gloucester (MA represent!) is a kinetic sculpture in a necklace. Way cool. We also love her
$10 "Full Circle" necklace - a stainless steel disc with a crazy-cool pattern, on a vegan leather cord.

$9 "Statement" by MrsJabberJaw of Bridgewater (er, somewhere) includes earrings (wow! what a steal!) and reminded us a great deal of something that Erin of Work with What You've Got might wear (and makes! Check out her Etsy shop too at LoveErinDesigns)

$9.95 Multicolor blue-green pewter pendant on a seven-strand cord by Mindielee of Torrance, CA (Mrs. Torraaaaance... heh) is stunning and shiny and measures close to 2" wide. The designer, who has many other bold necklaces in her shop, says "I dream of swirls, colors and patterns in my sleep." As do we, darling, as do we.

Hope you enjoy these picks! We found them all, in case you care, by searching simply "big statement necklace" in handmade and then vintage, and sorting within both categories from low price to high. Thankfully Etsy has made the search function a little bit more newbie-friendly, so it's a bit easier to find what you're looking for, in our opinion, regardless of the mega-controversy regarding search-engine optimization... (we'll admit that we don't think our own shop has been found by anyone in months so maybe we're suffering unwittingly from the changes).

Happy Bold-Jewelry-Shopping-and-Rocking!


  1. What a cool post! I enjoyed shopping with you!

  2. Good picks. Statement necklaces are the best! I love them.

  3. Very cool. Love the necklace by soulinchains.

  4. Wow, thank you so much for featuring my necklaces among these other extraordinary finds! I feel so honored. :)


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