Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Say What Now? Not So Much.

Here at Thrifty Stylist Boston, we have a strong sense of personal style that is little affected by the current trends, though we do hop on the bandwagon if they involve what we consider beauty or fabulousness-- it's likely we'd be doing it anyway, however (such as wearing lots and lots of purple, apparently the up-and-coming "it" color...)

We do at least check out what is happening "out there," if only to shake our heads and sigh, such as is the case with the re-emergence of Hypercolor clothes... (ack! Because everyone loves to have contrasting armpits?). So we have put together a little look book of the things that we personally just do.not.get. We would love to hear your opinions! Not everyone has the same tastes, of course, so we apologize in advance if we hate on something you're a fan of!

Not exactly a "trend", but we're pretty sure it's a fairly recent development: French Pedicures.

Now these are a bit extreme in length, of course, but in general- that white part? That's the part you're supposed to cut off. Not grow long and emphasize. Ack. Please, ladies, paint your toes a solid color.

We "get" this one for the models (like, for example, the model in the photo) and Hepburn-philes out there , but for the rest of us... ummm... not so much: Skinny-scrunchy-ankle-asphyxiating jeans. Just no. They are also really bad for you.

Perplexingly, StyleTips101 suggests that skinny jeans are great for "slimming legs and hips." We think not. Unless your legs and hips are already slim, all these will do for you is make you look like a big ol' inverted triangle. Ack. We prefer bootcuts and trouser jeans, no matter what the current fad is, because they balance our proportions.

Another trend we just cannot get behind is this obsession with open-toed boots & "booties." We don't really care what they're calling them- we're calling them hideous.

As we asked today on AGirl'sGuideToShoes, how exactly would one wear these? Sockless, for super-sweaty, stinky feet inside hot boots? Or with stockings for a lovely little peek-a-boo effect (that's sarcasm, in case you missed it)? Ack, ack, ack. No, please.

We're sure that many of you can (and do) look super cute in them and no offense is intended here, but did rompers really need to make a comeback?

The whole thing reminds us of the Archie where Veronica's dad had a surplus of flight suits and she started wearing them around in order to make them the "it" thing so he wouldn't be out all of the money (anyone remember that?!) If you've got no fat bits whatsoever, more power to you, we suppose... And, OK, fine-- so we admit that the one on the right (strapless pale green) would be pretty cute. If you were built like Veronica.

There are certainly many other-- like leggings, Uggs, Uggs with leggings-- peeves of ours. What do you think of these trends? What are some of your personal "faux pas" looks?


  1. French peds aren't all bad, but the length of this person's toes made my head throb and my lunch danced in my gut a bit.

  2. I love clothes. No matter how you wear em. They're such a great way to express the way you're feeling.

  3. lol... muffin tops drive me nuts. Yes, I have them too, but geez, please don't wear a very short waisted top with hip huggers to show them off! :P

  4. LOL...For some reason I can't get behind black stocking with white shoes. Not sure why but defiantly NMS

  5. I'm with on all these except leggings - which I wear - but they are NOT PANTS and I wear them as hoisery.

    Being Australian, where Uggs were invented - they are SLIPPERS people - that's what we wear them for here.

  6. I was honestly frightened of teh french pedi for a moment cause I thought they were YOUR toes. OMG ... SERIOUSLY?!? Frightened.

    I don't think the french pedi fad is so terrible, as long as the length is still quite short. But the nails are almost required to be too long in order to even be able to DO that pedi.

    Oh, so very very glad to have someone to agree with on booties and rompers!!

    oh, and yes the skinny jean. To which I usually respond ... "They don't MAKE a 'skinny' jean in size 18."

  7. and, my personal pet peeve is any shirt that is so tight that i can make out the outline of your belly button.

  8. sharron77@hotmail.co.ukAugust 5, 2009 at 3:04 AM

    Yuk,i hate the french manicure, her toes are way to long. Here in the uk i'm hating the whole orange/big hair look. It seems everyone wants to be a WAG and has no personal style. Being 32, i give the odd fashion trend the 'nod' but seriously i know what to avoid.

  9. ack! no! not my toes!!! :P
    curtiscollectables, you're a better person than i- i guess i'm too critical!

    i also hate the day-glo orange look; here in boston it's usually paired with dyed-black or platinum-with-awful-roots hair... and looks oh so bad!

  10. Ah, Hypercolor. It was all the rage when I was in either the 4th or 5th year. I had two of the silly t-shirts-way oversized of course. By the next year, they were "out" in my school, so a lot of the kids who had them (I stayed out of this) converted them to gym shirts. It wasn't a pleasant sight.

  11. I'd not seen the open-toed boots before: they're just awful.

    And romper suits? Well, I do see them in blog land, and I usually go on my way quietly without commenting. But, honestly, I hate them, regardless of how awesome a figure the wearer has.

  12. imogen, i saw a girl today wearing leggings and just a vest and short tank top. i thought of your comment. they're not terrible if worn well and yes, not as trousers :)

  13. i'm with ya on everything!

    well, except maybe the rompers. some of them are cute, dammit! but i wouldn't wear them personally because i don't care to get half-naked every time i have to pee.

    i had never seen those open-toed boots before. and i must say my life was better *before* i saw them. those, my friend, are fugly.


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