Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goodwill Score!!!

We took a quick, sweaty little jaunt to our local Goodwill on lunch yesterday. Unfortunately it's not one of those sparkly clean new ones, and smells like a home bum's tighty whities, but it's the only shopping in the area, so we suffer through.

We were looking for a summer dress for the office- something cotton and cute with a circle skirt, perhaps? Eyelet, even? Alas, the dress rack was filled with wretched polyester tents and horrific prints, so we came away with nothing... until we spotted, out of the corner of our eye, on the "not-yet-put-away" rack, something aubergine, and ruffly, and *gasp* beaded!

Upon closer inspection, it was a silk dress. A gorgeous one. In our size. By Laundry, which we're pretty sure is some sort of crazy expensive brand. Um. Yeah, sure is. Wow. It looked awfully narrow despite the tag, so imagine our excitement when it not only made it over the girls but totally and absolutely fit like a dream. Er, as long as we find some Spanx.

We paid $7. The silk alone is worth more than that, never mind the (seemingly hand-sewn) beadwork. Oh, we're so happy. We have nothing to wear this to, but we'll find something!

A tremendous thank you to the crazy woman who decided to toss this in the Goodwill pile for laziness, because any sane person would have at least tried to consign the thing.

We sense a lunchtime addiction brewing.

Do you love Goodwill? What have been some of your most amazing scores at thrift shops?


  1. What a find. We don't have a GW store here in our town, but we do have several other thrift stores and sometimes I find the absolute best deals in them. Great Score!

  2. very pretty, the color looks lovely.

  3. Sweet find! You are one lucky girl.

  4. one time i found a gorgeous white dress from wet seal-with the tag still on it-and it was on clearance at the thrift shop so i grabbed it for $2, plus a navy blazer from the Gap-also for $2!

  5. Nice find! I frequent St. Vinnie's and the Value Village in Eugene and Springfield. The absolute best thrifting I've ever had is in this little ARC thrift near where I grew up in Northern MN. I think my body double dumps her (barely, if ever used) stuff there, and I always leave with some great things. I don't know that any one thing stands out.

  6. Fabulous find!!! Lovely color too. I scored a pair of Frye cowboy boots, a romper by Hudson and JBrand skinnies-- all in the last month or so. Totally pays to make lunchtime visits :)

  7. I'm afraid I lack the patience for regular Goodwill visits, but you certainly came up trumps here. And in purple, too!

  8. Wow, you came across this is the GW in Central? Brave brave lady. When I get back we need to round up Annie and hit the Urban Renewals in Brighton.

    I bet that looks great o you!

  9. I goodwilled with a couple of friends after work last night and came away with the outfit I'm wearing today. A navy eyelet dress with green underneath and an awesome pink cardi all for less then $10. Awesome! I adore goodwill and am lucky enough to have many in my city to choose from.
    Good find! That dress looks awesome!

  10. Followed your link off another blog today and really enjoyed your Boston on a budget styling tips. I might have moved a million miles away but still see Boston all over my closet.

    Great blog you have going on here.


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